4.4 5 0 37 37 Washes away oil, dirt and dead cells to unclog pores for acne-prone skin
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I find these L'Oreal products to be top of the line, these will be the only ones I will be buying from now on
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Clean and Smooth
Very good stuff.If used properly can transfer you skin into a clean smooth and fresh face.Thank you L'Oreal
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Awesome product!
This scrub is a great option as a daily facial cleanser! Feels my face leaving clean and refreshed without overdrying it. Would highly recommend!
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better product
L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Pure Power Scrub is quite better product.The product itself is great. I love the feeling and scent while washing my face with it.Leaves your skin feeling really clean.It has somewhat of a scent but it's fairly fresh and pleasant, and also doesn't last long after washing your face. It leaves a mint and fresh feel after which some might not like but I prefer it personally. Not too harsh on the skin and doesn't dry out quickly either, on top of that is super easy to wash off.I've owned quite a few facial cleansers, most of them wouldn't completely clear the pores on my nose, this one does; it also has a lovely scent that's fairly subtle-I like its quality and will recommend this product to all to give a try for sure.
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Nice scrub
Worked good for cleaning my noise and brow area. Did exectly as it should.
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Good Product
This product worked well and my face felt clean afterwards. It had a nice smell to it as well while I was using.
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Does the job
Overall I was not blown away by this it is very competent
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Microdermabrasion Power Scrub, best EVER
This scrub was very effective, I usually use the st ives apricot scrub however I find that Pure power scrub is more effective and feels better on the skin. The scrub is less harsh and feels less like stones scratching and more like an exfoliant and on par with what would be used for Microdermabrasion. I am very happy with this product and will purchase in the future. The smell is also very pleasant and I am very happy with how this works.
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I fully reccomend this 100% fun feeling
i loved it, made my rough face REALLY smooth, like nothing ive ever felt before. Only downside for me was i had a slight burning reaction when i accidentally got it into my hair line a bit and im not allergic to anything that i know of so im not sure where that came from.
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Power cleanser
This product cleans the skin very well, especially the nose, which mine always was greasy.
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Great scrub
- Nice smell - Easy to apply - Use it once a week - Makes the skin feel well-cared for
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Start out strong and refreshed
I've used a lot of different face cleansers and this definitely left my skin feeling the cleanest pairing this with the other products really leaves your face clean and moisturize would recommend this routine to anyone
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Best yet!
Loved it!! I could literally feel it scrubbing all the grease, dirty and dead skin away!
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It is okay, not the best I've tried but there are worse products out there. Mediocre scrub I would say, scent could be milder
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Pure Power
easy and clean left my skin in good condition wife liked it
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