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L’Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Energizing & Brightening Cleanser
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Cleans well
I bought this product on a warehouse sale so it was quite cheap, bonus. It cleans really well my face, and it does not leave my dry and stretchy. The only down side is because it's dark, it leaves my sink or shower looking dirty, so i have to do an extra cleaning after cleaning my face, but i like the product
love it !
I love this! Personally i have very acne prone combination skin and I find that this cleanser helps clear up my break outs and makes my skin feel so clean without making it feel dull/oily/dry . L’oreal Skin care products are usually generally amazing so you would kind of assume that this would be as well but it really is one of their best skin care products in my opinion. Definitely recommend,
Pure Clay Is The Way
I like how easily it foams with little product so it lasts longer. This cleanser is a fantastic way to start or send the day. It's a great cleanser to use in the morning to wake up and brighten your skin or at night to wash off the impuritities from the day, leaving your skin feeling refreshed!
My friend has this product and let me use it not long ago, and it is great. My skin felt so so much better after using it. My skin was soooo soft and brightened up. I love this product. Absolutely amazing
Great for summer
This mask was great to zap oiliness around nose caused by the summer heat. Now that it's cooler weather, I can scale it back to once a week, instead of the twice of week I was using it in the past months.
I have extremely finicky, oily and dry skin that is prone to pore clogging. I tried this product as I have some luck with clay masks in meeting my needs. This mask is POTENT. I have sensitive skin, and I found that it was quite painful to put it on for any period of time. I noticed some wonderful effects even though I just smoothed it on and washed it off almost immediately, so the product does work very well... just err on the side of caution if you have sensitive skin.
I got a sample of this product and LOVED it! Normally I am afraid to use something like this and stick with what I know and something more like soap or a light cream. But this is great! It makes my face feel smooth afterward and is not as heavy as I thought it would be. Many times I have breakouts if the washes are too heavy but this one is great!
I tried this with a sampler, i regularly use the red clay mask but this one had a different consistency to it and a strong scent. I have sensitive skin and there wasn't any issue with it. I did find it added some moisture to my skin, and I can still feel that nice glow even a week later. which is nice.
I tried this cleaner as a sample and was instantly hooked. It definitely helps with oil control and leaves my face feeling fresh and soft afterwards.
I got this as a sample. It's amazing. Love that it's by L'oreal.
I am 51 year's old and this product made my skin feel and look amazing. It was glowing after I used it and so soft. I also noticed that my pores were noticeably smaller and my skin felt tighter.. This product I highly recommend to all ages of women that are not happy with there skin or just want it to feel and look beautiful.
I have never had a mask work so well! Skin was glowing, felt clean and fresh! My boyfriend even commented! I struggle with combination skin and this is a great mask for my skin! Would highly recommend.
I love the L’Oreal Paris pure clay cleanser, the Energizing 7 Brightening one. It has a pleasant smell. The clay transforms into mousse by adding water to it. When I massage it on my skin, I can feel the micro beads working in cleansing my pores. My face feels so soft and clean afterwards. It is a gentle cleanser that I can use everyday without drying up my face.
I have tried this and now love it. I love how the texture changes from a cream like to light mouse that glides on my face. I loved how soft it left my face so I now use it on my neck as well. I recommend this because it didn't dry out my skin.
I have combination skin and others have told me that I have a shiny forehead, so I try this product. The product comes out quite runny, not clay-like. Maybe it is because I use it in the shower and the heat already turns the clay into mousse. My face feels very clean, but a little bit dry, so I need to apply a moisturizer afterwards. I would recommend this product for others who have oily skin.

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