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L’Oreal Paris Pure-Clay Energizing & Brightening Cleanser
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Haven’t tried it cause I don’t know if it’s suitable for combination/oily skin . If yes Would love to try it before i purchase it though!
I have a collection of masks and would love to try this one! Anything for brighter healthy looking skin.
Woow..Love to try this new Pure-Clay Energizing & Brightening Cleanser by L'Oreal Paris! I haven't tried out any detox & brightening product for my face besides daily facial wash. This pure-clay isn't a mask but soft enough to use as daily cleanser? Really Love to try-Thank you!
I have dry skin and acne and i want my skin glowing! That would be awesome if i could try this, it looks like a really cool product!
I have heard a lot of good things about this product. I can’t wait to try it.
Looking for a facial product that can help with my very dry skin. Could this be it? Would love to give this a go and see if it helps. Are there any samples or where can I register to try this product?
Please send me a product and after using it I am ready to give an honest review of this product on this page. Thanks.
I'm curious about this product's effects on oily skin--woulf like to try it as I'm always looking for cleansers that work without stripping.
I would like to try this product. How do I go about it?
I have not tried this product, but I would absolutely love to!
I have not tried this product yet but I would love to try it. to see how well it works compared to others.i am always willing to try a new product.
😱 ohhhhh.....a fabulous brand & would like to test & have the opportunity to discuss the results...
I would love to try... I love to do facial relaxation days with my girlfriends...
This would be put on a test on how it can cleanse and energize my skin during winter. I would love to try this one! Thanks.
I love L'Oreal prodcts and would love to addthis to my daily cleasning routine!

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