4.3 5 0 242 242 Lady Speed Stick Parfum Infusions Jasmine & Moonlit Orchid Antiperspirant / Deodorant provides 48-hour odor and wetness protection with a long-lasting scent.
Lady Speed Stick Parfum Infusions Antiperspirant/Deodorant Stick, Jasmine & Moonlit Orchid
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This works great and the scent is lovely. It is not so strong that everyone around you will smell it like a perfume but those very close will get a subtle smell of it. It is a nice and refreshing scent and it works great as a deodorant.
Antiperspirant that rocks
I have always used this brand, but I really love the tropical Oasis it is gentle on sensitive skin and goes on smoothly. The scent is subtle, not overpowering and keeps you dry all day. The BIG bonus is that your clothes are spared, no transfer of white residue when wearing dark clothes.
speed stick
These are so great i picked a package of them from coastco not realizing each one had a different scent i love this and nomess on the clothes if you wear a black blouse it;s so great to have no transfer on them
Decent product
It did what it was suppose to do and smelt pretty good. I just never repurchased it
Great Smell
Though I do like this deodorant and go back to using it from time to time, I do have sensitive skin and I found it sometimes makes me itch when wearing it for long periods of time. I would recommend a more gentle formula if you have dry/sensitive skin!
Will only use this deodorant
This is the only deodorant I will use. I’ve tried so many others but this brand wins my vote. This particular scent is lovely. Light, not an overpowering. Does the job keeping me dry all day.
Love this!
I was in the market for a new deodorant. This one hit the spot. It goes on smooth, has a great smell and doesn’t seem to build up like other products. It leaves me nice and dry and smelling fresh all day
This deoderant is very good at keeping your underarms dry and smelling fresh for the whole day. However, it does leave residue that is hard to come off. Otherwise this is a great product
great review
I love this product! The packaging is eyecatching and the product exceeds its claim. The scent is lovely and it kept me dry for the whole day. Would definately buy again and again!
Great scent
I love the fresh scent of this deodorant. I hate baby powder scents, it reminds me of changing dirty diapers. So, I’m always on the lookout for new scents and this one is a lovely tropical oasis, in your armpits of all places! I’d definitely buy again.
My fave deodorant
This deodorant is pretty good at making you smell fresh all day. It does last for almost the whole day. Pricewise, I only buy when it's on sale. I never get white marks when using this deodorant which is a great plus. I find that these scented ones perform better. than the plain/unscented ones. 9/10
Great smell
This is my usual brand and have been using it for years. All scents are fabulous and not overpowering. I have a sensitivity to a lot of scents but this does not bother me. I will continue to use this product.
Works great on those hot days and so many scents to choose from.
Love it
Love love the scent. And I love the fact that during the day I get whiff of the wonderful smell and for some reason it makes me happy.
Dry and Wonderful Smelling
Really liked this new smell; very light and not overpowering smell.

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