4.2 5 0 70 70 Lady Speed Stick Parfum Infusions Green Tea & Citrus Antiperspirant Deodorant helps let your boldness bloom, with sophisticated dual fragrances.
Lady Speed Stick Parfum Infusions Green Tea & Citrus Antiperspirant Deodorant
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Lady Speed Stick Review
I was recommended lady speed stick. It is a good deodorant and I use it daily. What I do not like about it and what I would improve is I wish that it was completely invisible and that it did not go onto my clothing. other than this, it is an affordable product and smells nice.
Smells nice, not the most effective
This smells really nice, but I feel like I still sweat through it. It does keep the odor away, but still gets really wet. This wouldn't be my go-to if I had a choice. It's just okay for me.
Smells nice but expensive
This deodorant smells really nice but for the price I would go for an alternative scent. It’s 15g less than other deodorants of the same brand. It lasted quite a while even through some social anxiety I have. Does the job
Not a good smell
I did not like this product! I did not like the smell and it did not last. I threw it away because I ended up with sweaty arm pits.
great scent
I love the smell of this product. I don't really care to smell like baby powder and I find the fruity scents just dissipate after a short period. This one lasts all day.
Awesome smell
The aroma is awesome. Must try. Works well. All the infusions are great
Very Strong, Clean Scent
Again, this has a very strong scent but it's so beautiful. Very fruity/citrusy. I love this as a daily deodorant. It works a full 48 hrs+. The scent lasts for about 24-36 hrs. Prevents sweating and won't leave a white mark on your clothing.
Not for me
I personally do not like the brand lady speed stick, it always leaves my arms feeling heavier and like there is something there.
amazing deodorant
this deodorant snells so good! leaves you smelling great & protected from sweat!
I love the smell of this Lady speed stick Antiperspirant. Its not too strong. It goes on great and works very well.
This product smells so good!!! It also lasts a very long time. I will be buying this again for sure.
I lwill be the fresh smell of this deodorant. And it also last a long time.
My fav brand of deodorant! Been using it for years. I didike this scent but the strawberry is my fav which is odd because I don't like strawberry scent
Smells amazing! Works great. Goes on smooth and dry.
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