4.5 5 0 193 193 Lady Speed Stick Parfum Infusions Peony & French Vanilla Antiperspirant Deodorant helps let your boldness bloom, with sophisticated dual fragrances.
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My favorite
I love the fragrance of Lady Speed Stick Pony and French Vanilla! it is so good. It really leaves my underarm fresh and smelling amazing. Love it!
Nice smell
This speed stick is quite similar to the other ones I buy, I didn’t notice much difference except for the scent, which I like. I didn’t give it a 5 because even though it says 48 hr protection, I find it only lasts about half a day then I need to re-apply (And I’m not even working out). But it does keep you dry and nice smelling for the half a day.
Not for me
Smells great but doesnt keep me fresh. I also find that its kind of greasy and leaves chunks. Not for me
Great smell
Cool and fresh is my usual go to but thought I’d try this out. Loved the smell. Always a reliant brand. It applies so easy and I never have the lingering residue like other brands.
Mixed review
I did like this product, as it’s a brand I can trust. However the scent was a little weird. I usually love vanilla but this scent in particular was unusual and I dont think I’d use it again.
Last all 12 hr shift
I work in healthcare and we move fir our shift, it keeps me fresh and dry .
Smells Wonderful!
It does all of the good of eliminating body odour and controlling perspiration, I thought the scent would be a bit too perfumey & overbearing but it wasn't! It complimented my own natural smell & the smells stays fresh and lasts a long time
Smells nice
I found that I had to apply the deodorant a few times a day. It left marking on the interior of my shirt. Didn't work for me
peony and pear deodorant
A lovely scent blended that smells luxurious and does a great job of keeping me dry. For every day pampering.
I like this product cause it last for a long time and there is no swear.
Smells good
Smells great, works great, but leaves white marks on clothes.
Everlasting scent
I have used Lady speed products for a long time. Their scent is pleasant especially the Vanilla fragrance. I would purshase this product again.
Great scent!
Like other reviewers I have used other Lady Speed Stick products for many years and they have always performed reliably. The scent combinations I have found more recently have been a fantastic and enticing feature. Definitely no reason for a new brand,
Smells great
I use lady speed stick all the time. This one smells so good and works great. Keeps you feeling dry and clean. Love it
Absolutely love this product
Absolutely love this product. The peony and French vanilla scent is amazing. I love all the fragrances of this product line. This brand is my number one go to brand. Ony kind that actually works and does what its supposed to do. Love it

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