0 5 0 9 1 A little dab of Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel makes a big difference!
Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel
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This product I recently used for my daughter. It worked well and she had instant relief. If you have these type of issues, this is a great product !
Never used this product, and never seen it. Don't know if I would use it.
Y haven't tried this product before i'm just wondering to see if it's good for itchy skin
Never seen this product before, not sure if I would have a need to try it.
I have never heard of an anti chafing gel but it sounds like it would be an amazing product to try!Between blisters, sweating, and rubbing clothing it would be great to have some relief.
I have not tried this but it sounds like something my dad would use , I will have to check it out.
Not sure what this does.I would have to read about it.
Oh my! I would love to try this for those hot summer days! I often get a bit of chafing on my thighs when the temperature gets high and I am sure this would help protect against it. I would love to try this!
would like to try this
i would love to try this especially with all the humidity lately. I hope it works.
never seen this product before. might work for hubby if I ever see it
Would like to try this on my blisters possibly.
I have not tried this but could use it for blisters. I always get bad ones in the summer time.
I`ll be looking for some of this for my husband, for when he`s on his golf excursions!
I haven`t tried this but I`m going to pick some up for my husband. He has this problem every summer from working in jeans out in the heat. Hopefully it works much better then what he has bin using.

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