Lansinoh Breast Pads, Ultimate Protection Nursing Pads for Breastfeeding

4.7 5 0 67 67 Our most absorbent nipple pads ever hold up to 20 times its weight in liquid The Blue InvisiLock Core instantly captures and disperses moisture on this disposable nursing pad, keeping you dry day and night
Lansinoh Breast Pads, Ultimate Protection Nursing Pads for Breastfeeding


Saves so much Embarrassment
These are great! They stick very well to the inside of your bra. They don't crumple, fold, or move. They don't show through clothing. And, most importantly, they are very absorbant!
Very comfortable
These were great when I was breastfeeding, especially in the first few months. Without them there was milk leaking all over my top! They were also more comfortable than some other brands I tried.
Favorite pads
I wear these daily and are essential as a breast feeding mother. I don't have to worry about leaking or leaking through onto my clothing for family functions, events, errands. Great absorbency and doesn't have an outline on my bra from our
Get the job done!
These were my go to with breast feeding. They were comfortable and worked well. They have good absorption and didn’t leak at all.
So comfortable
These were my go to while I was nursing. I tried a few different brands as well as reusable ones but these worked best for me. They stayed in place well and were very adsorbent and always felt dry. I made through my entire nursing journey without a single embarrassing leak thanks to these!
These pads are okay. They are convenient to have in your diaper or pump bag, however with the invention of the silicone milk catchers, why waste your liquid gold in something you throw again instead of catching in a container to use. I wouldn’t buy these again.
Necessary for nursing moms
As a nursing mother, these were a necessity and in constant use. I always carried several extras in my diaper bag and my purse so that I was never without, in case of leaks. Only thing I wish is that they were more absorbent for overnight use.
Great for keeping the leaks contained.
These were a life saver when I was pregnant and had my son. They did the job. They soak up lots for the little bad they are. They don’t leave prices of wet cotton or fabric on you which was great. They hold enough that you don’t feel like your constantly leaking and changing them. Highly recommend
Great absorption.
These were excellent when nursing. No leaks. I tried both cloth and disposable ones and used both at times. Depending on convivence, but also tried to limit my waste which is why I also used cloth ones.
Great for leaks
My favourite brand for nursing pads! They stay in place and rarely have I had a leak with these. I found them to be the best for night time compared to the other brands out there.
No more wet tshirts while nursing. These absorb so nicely.
Ces compresses d’allaitement sont bien efficaces! Elles supportent un bon niveau d’écoulement de lait maternel. Les compresses se maintiennent bien en p’ace. Seul inconvénient pour ma part c’est qu’ils sont quand même grand. Autrement, ça fait un beau cadeau de shower :)
No more leaks
This helped me a lot not just after having my kiddo but before. I wouldn't even realize till I feel a spot. Got these and no more soaked shirts. Once I had my little one, the exact same especially hearing another baby cry.... these helped tremendously. Only thing; now may just me my skin but once in awhile it'd irriate my skin but then the red would go away.
Great nursing pad !
Super absorb and and comfortable ! They fit so nice I often forget they are there
Compresses d'allaitement très efficace. Vraiment pratique quand ont est engorgées durant les premières semaines. Ça fait un bon cadeau de shower pour une maman qui prévoit allaiter.

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