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The devil of all chips
These poppable concoctions are the devil. My will power fails. They taste so darn good and the texture of the waffle is so airy and crunchy at the same time. All I can say is... "Get in my belly!"
These are such a great alternative to traditional potato chips. They are light, airy and delicious. Very great flavour and dont leave you feeling BLAH after you eat a bag. I would definitely recommend, heck I already have to ky family and friends!
Better than chips
So yummy! And it's such a cool texture. These are a new go-to snack for me. Great flavor and super crunchy and fun to eat. I don't know if they come in medium size, but they definitely should!
Y en a plus :(
Tellement bon ! Mais jarrive plus a en trouver sur le marché
Good Alternative
I enjoyed these, I am a huge potatoe chip fan and these were really good; lots of flavour, which I love.
J'aime bien!
J'aime bien la texture et le goût des Poppables de Lays , Pour une petite collation question de se gâter c'est parfait!
Simple yet tasty
These chips remind me of my childhood.. They are plain yet tasty at the same time My one two year old son simply loves them It’s a good snack for toddlers
delicious and fun
These chips are very different then what you would expect from lays in terms of flavor. they honestly reminded me of pringles chips with a cool design. if you like pringles try them out but if you are looking for that original lays flavor I would skip it.
Light and tasty
I quite enjoy these as a substitute for the usual heavy, greasy potato chips. The sea salt & vinegar are great, but the BBQ flavor isn't. I do wish they were available in Sour Cream & Onion or Dill Pickle.
taste is ok but the shape needs work
What's with the holes? I had a coupon to get these for free, wouldn't buy again. They are ok, but not worth it.
Sel et vinaigre
J'aime bien la forme de ses croustilles. Légère, je ne mange habituellement pas de croustilles sel et vinaigre mais celle si on un bon équilibre et le goût n'est pas trop prononcé. J'ai quand même bien aîné mais je ne crois pas racheter.
so good love the hollow shape of the chips, its airy texture, the vinegar wasn't overpowering, was a perfect mix
The only problem I had with this product is that because it's so light and tasty, I nearly ate the entire bag in one sitting! A great snack, if you can eat it in moderation. :)
Love them
I love all of the Poppable's flavors. They are the perfect snack. Everyone in my household loves them.
Salt and vinegar
Light, crunchy and super tasty ... my new fav snack!

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