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Good, Light Snack
I found these to be tasty. They were light so I didn’t have that heavy feeling in my stomach after eating. But they are not something to grab if you want something with substance.
I nice snack
I like these as something different from potato chips!
I was surprised how good these are. they are fresh, crispy and packed with flavor, but not too heavily seasoned, they are an excellent crispy, crunchy snack that's not bland!
OMG I am so in love
These are the best and they have less calories than potato chips do and I believe one serving is something like 49 and that will definetly be enough but even if it isn't two handfuls will defiently be enough! I absolutely loves these ones and the barabacue ones :)
Lay's Poppables™ Sea Salt & Vinegar
My overall opinion is that, they're very light and crispy and absolutely, loaded with flavor. Ive also tried the sea salt flavor, Sweet BBQ and just recently, tried the Cheddar Cheese flavor, and they're all, very YUMMY!!! BETTER GO AND GRAB SOME TONIGHT!! MNMNMN.....GOOD!!
Very yummy! Liked them a lot. Will be buying these for sure.
J`ai adoré le goût et la texture est bien et la grosseur aussi.
they are OK
I tried them and they are ok. The favor is not the same as if you are eating chips.
Poppin' Poppables
A very refreshing take on a snack food. Subtle but noticeable flavour. Almost addictive.
Love It!
I absolutely love Lay's Poppables Salt & Vinegar! They're light, crunchy, tasty and craveable! I can't get enough! Warning: You won't be able to stop eating them!
Did not Love it
I really did not care for the taste at all the potato chip flavour I crave was not there at all and I eat chips all most daily.
Kids love
I tried them they’re so light and crunchy and satisfying so yummy and the kids love them too I would definitely buy them again
Light and full of flavour
I love Lay's Poppables. They are light and flavored just right. Not overly flavored so that you only taste the salt and vinegar. The taste the potato comes through. I would highly recommend this product.
Loved how light and flavorful they were couldnt put them down. I had to go out and get the other flavors to try .... love them to
Very good and lots of flavor they are so good and light

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