4.5 5 0 131 131 This sublime amalgam of dark chocolate, honey roasted almonds and coconut Greek yogurt will change your snacking ritual forever!
Liberté Greek Crunch Coconut Yogourt Dark Chocolate & Honey Roasted Almonds
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omgggggg ca la cest bon comme le ciel🤪une collation superbe et qui me suporte une bonne partie de la journee!! imagine sil ferait un format un ti peu plus gros 🤷🏽‍♀️😛😇
The best!
By far my favorite yogurt, rich and delicious dark chocolate - hello? Good for you! Mixed with crunchy almonds. I love the separated container so you just tip it over into beautiful tasty yogurt and you have the perfect decadent, good for you, snack.
Très bon produit
J'adore ce yogourt car il est plutôt pour un très bon dessert. Facile pour l'ouvrir et le manger aussi. Les yogourts Liberté sont les meilleurs en petits ou gros formats. Avec une famille de 5 c'est l'idéal.
Good one
When it comes to yoghurt I always believe that liberte is the best brand, I really like this yogurt as well the only thing I didn't like was the price they should have coupons for this
Super snack
Love this different flavored yogurt with nuts and chocolate! Everything tastes better w chocolate and nuts 😋
Tasty treat
Love it for a quick protein fix or even a treat as the flavour is amazing. Great price and easy to mix. Has become a staple in my household.
I absolutely love liberte’s greek yogurt. Its so creamy and tastes very natural. This idea of adding crunchy nuts and chocolate into yogurt even tasted better. Their cups are very efficient and helps avoid mess.
Hard to go back
I tried this recently with a little hesitation. So many other yoghurt options come in at a more friendly price point. Ever since I've tried this though, I've found I just can't go back to what I was having before. This is absolute delicate indulgence that I simply can't resist.
Amazing taste
I really enjoyed the creamy thick Greek yogurt with the taste of coconut chocolate and almonds all mixed in one.The crunchiness added an amazing bonus and treat of just plain creamy yogurt
Delicious with a little less guilt than usual
These are great. I already am a fan of Liberty's yoghurts. I use them even more marinating meat. These were a great guilty pleasure with a little less guilt than usual when I wanted something sweet. I loved the mixed textures - smooth and crunchy and the coconut flavor wasn't overpowering and tasted natural. I would definitely purchase these again.
Great snack
Great snack that is full of protein and taste. Love having one for dessert while trying to be responsible and not over indulge. Good amount of nuts to yogurt so that there isn't too much of one.
wow !!!
take dark chocolate and roasted almonds with a touch of honey, litterally add that to a smooth and creamy greek yogurt with a hint of coconut and ... just enjoy. it's tasty, decadent, full of proteins and calcium, what else ? don't look at the calory count or go for a walk after that. My conclusion : pure pleasure
Love this for a quick and filling snack. Great thick yogurt with a nice crunch and a perfect amount of chocolate.
This has become a go-to snack. I love it. Very tasty and love the crunch. Feels like healthier dessert.
Susie N.
I purchased this product for my 15 year old daughter, who also happens to be a yogurt-junkie! She and I both loved it! The texture is smooth, but doesn't fall apart, or separate like many yogurts do. The chocolate was lovely as were the almonds... Overall, it was better than expected!

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