4.3 5 0 11 11 Life At Home Focus & Creativity Scented 3-Wick Candle is now available. This product is made with soy blend wax and retails in a 396g pack.
Life At Home Focus & Creativity Scented 3-Wick Candle
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A good value candle
I am a bit of a candle snob so I can be a tough critic. But this candle was a very good quality burn. I found that the scent spread throughout my living room and kitchen. It also seem to give off a lot of light. My only critique would be that it burned quite quickly When compared to other three wick candles.
Ok for the price
I've purchased a couple different candles by this brand and I find that for the price they are worth it. There are some cons, they do burn very fast and I find that some scents can be very weak.
I have used this candle countless times and it is one of my top choices! it smells so amazing as soon as you enter the room and it really does help me focus on my tasks! I would highly recommend especially to students who need help focusing!
Beautiful and great smell!
Like the title of my review says, I think the smell is beautiful and the packaging is really well put together. I would recommend this product. My rating on this candle would be 5/5.
Beautiful packaging and great candle
First off the packaging of this candle is so pretty, I love the color. Secondly this smells amazing and really makes the room peaceful to be in! As someone who is always stressed this is a great addition to the house!
I am a sucker for scented candles... I LOVE IT... Give me candles and i'll be the happiest
loved this!
This candle had such a beautiful scent and gave off a lot of light since it has 3 wicks. Loved this and I'll definitely be looking for some more of there
This candle has a nice smell to it and burns for quite some time. It looks nice to. I really like how affordable it is I only wish I had bought another one when I placed my order.
3 wicks
This candle lasts a long time and let's off a fair amount of light with all 3 wicks burning. Smells lovely but I wish the scent was a little stronger.
Nice candles
I bought a couple of these candles as our family really enjoys the smell. It’s subtle but not too strong, and not “fake” smelling like some candles. I wish it was a tiny bit stronger but besides that I’ve been really happy. They look and smell lovely.
Three wick candle
I love these candles, burn along time and keep their beautiful fragrant scent waifing thru the air
I burn candles on a regular basis, I would like to try this one
good the smell is good and not too strong, my friend loved

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