4.6 5 0 147 147 Lipton® Summer Fruit Infusion Pyramid® Herbal tea is fruity and indulgent, with the summer aroma of strawberries, raspberries and passion fruit.
Lipton® Summer Fruits Herbal Tea Bags
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I love Tetley and enjoy trying their new flavors. This one was delicous. Very fruity yet not too sweet. A nice refreshing blend that is actually really nice warm or cold! So good for all year round.
Trop sucré...
La saveur de fruits est bien prononcé et goûteuse. Malheureusement, le goût sucré devient rapidement lourd à supporter après quelques gorgés. Pour les amateurs de tisanes n'ayant pas peur d'une dose très franche de "fruits", ce produit est pour vous. Si vous êtes plus conservateur, passé votre chemin!
bonne tisane
Pour l'avoir reçu en échantillon pour en faire l'essais, je suis très satisfaite de son gout, de ses arômes, maintenant je suis une adepte de cette tisane, faites-en laissait et vous verrez, vous aussi vous tomberez sous le charme
pour les dents sucrés
thé que j'adore mais attention je ne suis pas une fan de thé, j'aime celui ci car il a un effet fruité et je rajoute du sucre dedans. Je pense que les fans de thé peuvent etre décu du gout .
Great flavor
This is my daughters favorite tea. Very refreshing.
My fav
Ilove this tea so much, it has a delicious yummy fruity taste and my guests loved it so much
Super flavorful
This tea has a beautiful flavor and is quite strongly flavored. I also find it delicious as an iced tea.
Great Tea!
This herbal tea is great for the summer months. I use this to make ice tea and it is super refreshing to drink and enjoy. There are a good amount of product in the boxes and most importantly it tastes yummy!
Great for iced tea!
This tea is great hot or cold. The flavour is awesome! I like to make it into iced tea. It is naturally sweet so you don't have to add that much sugar/sweetener. I would suggest this to everyone!
Love it!
I received a free sample from ChickAdvisor to try this and I found the Lipton summer fruits herbal tea to be very refreshing! This was a delicious hot tea, full of flavour and a rich berry scent. I am also excited to try it on hot summer days as a cold drink, it will be super thirst quenching! I highly recommend this tea.
caffeine free
if you are trying to go caffeine free try this . its yummy and refreshing
Sleep remedies
If you're suffering of diffulty of sleep, you must try this tea. Whenever I'm drinking this tea, I feel sleepy but I dont have any difficulty of sleep.
I am not a tea drinker normally but have been trying my fair share recently to get into it, this tasted alright but was not as strong or fruity as I was hoping it would be. Still good option for those who do not prefer the 'tea' taste.
not strong
Great aroma and taste, but gets diluted after 8 ounces of water. Gets too watery for my liking.
Sweet taste
I totally love this tea the fruity taste is amazing it’s a nice treat anytime of the day I would definitely recommend

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