4.6 5 0 147 147 Lipton® Summer Fruit Infusion Pyramid® Herbal tea is fruity and indulgent, with the summer aroma of strawberries, raspberries and passion fruit.
Lipton® Summer Fruits Herbal Tea Bags
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I'm very particular with what kind of tea I like and I decided to try this because I love fruit but it wasn't really that tasty for me I didn't like it that.much
This fruity tea got great taste for a tea. It is tasty and nice.
Love Lipton . The only tea I buy. Also i love the taste.
My favourite hot or cold. Love the fruity taste. Really nice aroma.
Tried this product both hot & cold and love it. The summer berry is very refreshing and a change from green tea.
LOVE as a cold beverage. Great for summer and the kids love it too! I wasn’t really into fruity teas before but this one is great! Some lemon and stevia and it’s delicious
I actually use this one to make cold brewed iced tea. It's delicious and tastes like refreshing berries. It's perfect to fill up your water bottle at the start of the day. It also goes well with food as it isn't bitter nor overly powerful.
Its tried this tea a few times and have found it to be a great and refreshing tea for summer.
Très bon thé! Aussi délicieux chaud que glacé! Je le recommande fortement!
Love, love, love this tea. It is nice an refreshing with a lovely fruity flavour. This is great hot or cold, whatever your preference may be. I do not add any sweetener since there is so much fruity flavour.
ABSOLUTELY love this! I keep a box in my locker at work and it is my "go to" after lunch breaks!
A delicious fruity tea. It ws just sweet enough so I didn't have to use any sugar.I
A little too much flavour for me. I like a little more subtle berry taste. Also had a bit of a sweet taste and I do not take sugar in my tea so I was not used to it.
I love this tea cold on a hot day, so refreshingly good.
Absolutely loved this was full of flavour I enjoyed this hot and also cold (over ice made out of the tea to so as to not dilute the taste)

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