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Live Clean® Cool & Fresh Deodorant
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My primary deodrant
I do love this product and its my go-to deodrant but it doesn't hold up on hot days or really active days. Would need to reapply multiple times a day to avoid BO smell. Smooth and glides on nicely, feels like it moisturizes at the same time. Aluminum, Propylene Glycol & parabens free is a huge plus!! Nice fresh scent. no irritants. Overall a good product. Been purchasing since 2019.
Great for at home use
I can’t use this deodorant outside the house because it doesn’t keep my sweat and BO at bay. I like using it at home because it’s not an antiperspirant. It helps me feel fresh right out of the shower and in the morning.
Live clean
Usually love live clean products but this deodorant dried up in the tube before I had a chance to finish it!
Live Clean Deodorant
I like this product! No stains or residue on shirts! Great protection and goes on dry! Wasn’t overly fond of this scent! But would buy this brand again!
Good product
I bought this as a first deodorant for my daughter because I love the fact that it’s natural ingredients. It doesn’t work so well not that she’s older and changing. I would recommend it as a first but not as they get older and sweatier.
Love it!
This is my new favourite deodorant with breastfeeding I was looking for something safe and no aluminum! I love the smell and it doesn’t bother my sensitive skin at all!
Sensitive Skin
If you have sensitive skin this is definitely a product for you! I am someone who wears deodorant on a daily basis and I love this product. I do find that when I work out it's not the best but for everyday activities it's awesome!
The best deodorant!
I’ve always struggled to find a good deodorant. I have very itchy underarms, and very sensitive skin. I’ve tried every deodorant on the market and they do not work for me...Except for this one! This deodorant keeps its scent all day, and keeps my underarms dry all day. Plus, the scent is amazing! It also does not make me itch under my arms
Live clean deodorant
I just went through chemo and couldn’t use other deodorants this did not cause any skin irritations yet kept me dry and smelt nice
I love Liveclean for my kids, and have started trying their products for myself. I came across this product and the price was fair. I have never used a natural deodorant before, but felt good about trying it. It definitely goes on more smooth/creamy than my previous stick deodorant. I found I felt wet, and it needed to dry before I put a shirt on. In terms of effectiveness it seems fine for daily wear but not sure if I went to the gym. Maybe my body just needs to get used to it. The smell is pleasant and not over powering.
super !
Pour un déodorant naturel je trouve qu il fait bien son travail, les odeurs du déo sont douces et l efficacité dure une bonne partie de la journée.
Great smell
This deodorant went on nicely and had a great fresh smell. It did what I expect from a deodorant. If you sweat a lot it isnt going to keep you dry but it helps with some of the odor. I dont usually sweat a lot so its perfect for me to just stay fresh. It doesn't leave a residue that I find from antiperspirants.
Natural sweat-defense
Absolutely love this product. I know I am getting something natural with the live clean name. This stick glides on smoothly and there isnt any gross white residue. Slight smell, but very gentle and natural - not over powering at all for those of us with sensitive noses. I've tried tons of natural deodorants, and this is definitly in the top 3!
LOVE this product!! Natural, effective, and the scent isn't overpowering. My body rejected all deodorants after my daughter was born EXCEPT for Live Clean! Great for sensitive skin.
Cruelty Free
Works well, different scents to choose from which is nice. Only thing that threw me is when I put it on it feels cold and wet even though it’s not. Compared to other deodorants the price is only slightly higher and worth it.

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