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Live Clean® Cool & Fresh Deodorant
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Cruelty Free
Works well, different scents to choose from which is nice. Only thing that threw me is when I put it on it feels cold and wet even though it’s not. Compared to other deodorants the price is only slightly higher and worth it.
Works great
This is the first natural deodorant that worked for me. I apply right after my shower and again in the morning before work and I am good all day.
Natural & light deodorant
I enjoy live clean's range of products, including the deodorants due to their natural products and fragrances. Nevertheless, I found that this deodorant is somewhat light and would need to be used a few times, even with low perspiration.
Love it
I've tried other products like this but this one is far better then the ones I've tried before. It actually works I love it!
Didn’t work for me
I bought this product (unscented) and it didn’t work for me. I still sweat. I didn’t leave white marks on my clothes tho, that was a plus.
Really good
Overall this is a really good natural deodorant! It actually works unlike some others! And the price point is about average it’s in my top two to use :) I would recommend for sure.
I LOVE the smell of this product. Its light, fresh and feels great when applied. I switched from Toms to Live Clean and I'm so glad I did. Will most definitely purchase this again!
Doesn't work well
I found this deodorant didn't work very well, perhaps in a place where you may only perspire a bit. I did however like the way it smelled.
The Best
After tying many different types of natural deodorant this is the best weve found. It works really well, pleasant scents. Not strong on the nose. Is readily available at competitive prices through the grocery store.
Pretty Good
I’ve tried too many healthy deodorants in the past looking for one that actually works. This one is decent. It lasts all day without reapplying and the ingredients are good. It does however leave white marks so beware on darker clothing.
Live Clean
Provided great protection, and smelled so light and fresh...lasted all day long!! Will buy again!!
Could be better
I was first attracted to this product as it was advertised as having safer ingredients and I enjoy the scent. Unfortunately, I don’t find this product has lasting power and I feel I need to reapply more often than other natural deodorants I’ve tried in the past.
I really love this product. It makes your smell so fresh and clean. The best part about it is that it doesn’t have all the harmful chemicals that the other ones do. It’s fefinitely worth trying!
My go to deodorant
I was wanting a natural deodorant and after trying a few brands this was the winner for me. I’ve been using it for about a month and I absolutely love it!
Summer favourite
I love natural deodorants! This one from live clean has a beautiful light scent and applies easily to the skin. It is effective and doesn’t feel waxy!

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