4.7 5 0 52 52 L'Oréal Kids Cool Melon 2 in 1 Extra Gentle Shampoo features a 'no tears' and 'no knots' formula, said to help prevent split ends, and condition the hair, leaving it soft and manageable. Suitable for all hair types, the dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested product is free from paraben, and retails in a 265ml soft pack, which is designed to be easy to hold and fun to play with.
L'Oréal Kids Cool Melon 2 in 1 Extra Gentle Shampoo
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Kids love it
My kids love it and it smells great. No tears and easy to rinse out
Love it
I love this product, i dont need 2 bottles of hair wash which is an absolute plus since my daughter doesnt like having her hair washed. It smells nice and the bottle looks cool. Her hair was easy to brush after as well .
Need bigger sizes.
From birth to age 4 my daughter grew out her hair, until it had to be cut. Now 8 & growing thick+healthy almost pass the butt again. It's only with help of a good shampoo(&fr time to time an equally helpful ditangler spray) like L'Oreal kids 2-in-1 shampoo that has her hair feeling strong+clean, smelling fruity+ fresh. Keeping it smooth+tangle free all while being tear-free leaving ALL mom's+kids with no worries.
Gentle 2 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner
I absolutely love the L'Oreal Kids Brand. This specific product is an absolute game changer. All you need to do is wet your child's hair, apply the product to the palm of your hand,(size of a loonie) proceed to gently shampoo your child's hair and rinse thoroughly with cool water. At this point you have finished the process. You have shampooed and conditioned your child's hair. You will notice that their hair appears to be smoother, have less split ends, seems to leave your child's hair knot free and tear free. If there are some leftover, unruly knots, spray the L'Oreal Kids No More Tangles to the desired area and proceed. Some other things that my kids like about the shampoo is that it can be used as a body wash and or bubble Bath in addition to the shampoo and conditioner. They also love the scent.
It works fine
I found the scent to be too strong and my daughters hair rough. It does help with knots but I prefer johnson & johnson brand still. It also left my child’s eyes really red everytime I used.
Smells delicious
What’s better then your child’s head smelling delicious when they get out of the tub. Clean and fruity smelling fragrance makes me want to snuggle up with my son after his bath for hours.
Oh that smell :)
My twelve year old loves this as it makes her hair so soft and nice smelling.
Kids love the scent!
Great product for kids when you need to really cleanse and clarify the hair to get rid of product build up! Love the smell and it's very gentle!
Tried and true for kids
L'oreal has been making great shampoo for littles for years. Smells nice and cleans really well.
Smells Amazing
Smells amazing and my kids loved the blue colour (I mean, who doesn’t love blue shampoo?). Cleaned great and left my kids hair soft and smelling great!
This 2 in 1 kids shampoo is good, gets the job done and is priced well.
It was ok. Great scent though!
Tried this brand out for the kiddos. Picked it up at a local Dollarama and figured it would be nice. Lathered well and smelled delish! Glad it was paraben free. Would buy again. Not bad.
Tear free!
My son loves the scent of this shampoo! Bonus is it is tear free and great for kids!
Clean hair
Good product. Kids like the smell. Tear free shampoo. Few tangles when brushing out long hair.
Works well
L'Oréal Kids Cool Melon 2 in 1 Extra Gentle Shampoo works great! My son really loves the scent and every bath time is fun. It’s very gentle and tear free. It’s also great for untangling long hair.

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