L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay Shampoo

3.9 5 0 81 81 Extraordinary Clay demonstrates powerful cleansing and moisturizing properties.
L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Extraordinary Clay Shampoo


Good silicone-free formula
I have fine hair, that gets weighed down easily. I'm always on the look out for silicone-free shampoos, as silicones tend to build up and make my hair greasier. This was a great simple formula that gets the job done.
Felt great
Overall this product was great. I loved the smell.
Works well!
I recently saw this product on the shelf and I thought it would be interesting to try as my hair often gets quite oily and I’m always looking for new cleansing products. The clay aspect really binds to the oils and impurities in your hair and you’re left with very clean locks! It does leave a little bit of grit and residue, but overall it does what it promises. Worth a try!
Clean scent
My son choose this shampoo because he loves the scent. I also love the refreshing clean scent and tried it too. It does not dry my hair. My roots have a clean feel after using it. Also notice that my hair has some volume when using it. The price is also reasonable which is a plus! Will buy it again!
For excessively oily scalps only
I have a fairly oily scalp that builds up over days. Fixable with dry shampoo. I gave this shampoo a few weeks before judging but had to stop using. It completely dried out my hair. Like so dry, that I’d rather take the (much more manageable) oily scalp. Requires a rehydrating conditioner
Not good enough
I tried this shampoo because I have to wash my hair daily. It promised up to 72 hours of clean hair. Not true for me or 3 other adults that I know that have tried it. A little too much hype .
Squeaky clean
This shampoo is great if you have oily hair/scalp but I wouldn't recommend it for dry or damaged hair. It leaves your hair really clean but even if your hair isn't damaged, it's gets all tangly after you rinse it out. I needed a really moisturizing treatment to help get the tangles out. It would work well on short hair.
Great for oily hair
This shampoo works really well for oily hair! I also used their mask and it takes so many unwanted oils out! If you struggle with oily hair I for sure recommend giving it a try!
A Good Clean
I was pleasantly surprised with how nice my hair felt after using this shampoo. It felt like it gave my hair a good clean, removing styling product and build up, without drying out or weighing down my fine hair.
Loreal clay shampoo
This is now the only shampoo I use, I have very greasy hair and this shampoo (combined with the conditioner and hair mask) allows me to go 1 to 2 days between washing my hair. I would definitely recommend to anyone with greasy hair!
It’s a good shampoo, really works with my type of hair (frizzy, damaged)
It just ok, no surprise
My scalp is oily and my hair is very soft, so I need it to control oil and lift root, butI don't see big difference from this shampoo. After blow dry my hair, it get flat and oily again around 6-7 hours.
greasy roots no more
the roots of my hair where suddenly very oily and nothing was working until someone suggested this, I'm so glad they did. Its inexpensive aand it works my hair is soft and no longer oily.
really great product
I bought this shampoo for my daughter, she has very fine and very curly hair. We find this shampoo does a great job with both the roots and ends of her hair leaving it quite manageable. We've tried other products but keep coming back to this one.
Tried product. Worked ok to control oil at the roots, but was far to moisturizing for the ends. Product to heavy, made my hair limp.

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