4.1 5 0 27 27 From small to large imperfections, this corrector is desperate to cover them all with its two tips.
L'Oreal Paris L'Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer
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Needs improvement
I was a little disappointed with this product. The texture was hard and didn't last long. It left a greasy feeling on my skin but kudos on the multiple application idea.
A bit drying
I found this concealer to be a bit drying that what i would like it to be. I wish it was a creamier formula then i would really enjoy using it
Wasn’t what I expected
Didn’t like this I try a lot of products and I felt this was a little on the greasy side and didn’t last the day.
Product was hard and rough to put on. Not worth the money spent
L’Oreal concealer
Good coverage, the texture is a little hard, easy to apply, good odor, variety of colors tones. Good durability, feels a little heavy over the skin. Good difuminasion. Good price.
really good selection of shades and as well, great coverage
When I have needed concealer, this is the one I now go to for great coverage. I knew I had a blemish or darker area to cover but, I feel that nobody else does when I wear it, as it does a great job-and that is what you, as a consumer, ask for when buying concealers-some invisibility-right? Great trusted brand, and great job. My daughters now use this as well when they saw my success. We all have fair skin, so this is really a great product to use for that as well.
Imperfections what imperfections?
It works so well I almost erased Myself Away. And all the imperfections that you can't see anymore because I erased Myself Away.
Tru blend concealer
I love this concealer it has left my skin flawless and looking beautiful and I definatly would use this product again.
Super Blendable
I love L'oreal products but this one i only liked. The shade selection was great,it went on great,super soft & blendable but i found the coverage wasn't enough for me and it didn't last very long. If you were using it cover a spor/blemish around your nose, and you blew your nose, then i found the concealer left on your tissue. So if you have the time to retouch it several times a day then this would be fine. If you have a really tough spot to cover up, then this definitely isn't the concealer for you. It worked okay for dark circles but again, doesn't last all day. Hope this helps. Happy concealing!!!
this product is amazing for perfect coverage and hides away marks on skin and has flawless finish.
Conceals nicely
Awesome product. Conceals nicely and leaves a smooth, even finish
To conceal or to conceal?!
I really enjoy the Tru Blend line. And this concealer is a great add on touch to my makeup routine. It's cream like crayon, conceals blemishes at an approval rate. I'd definitely recommend this product as well as keep it's spot in my routine :)
It doesn’t work for me. I guess my skin is to dry so it looks flaky. I have better luck with a liquid. My daughter tried it and loves it.
Blends well and is creamy. I like the size of it. It is not cheap though.
Absolutely inlove
Very easy to apply, love the shades and I have found one that perfectly matches my skin shade .

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