L'Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer

3.9 5 0 60 60 From small to large imperfections, this corrector is desperate to cover them all with its two tips.
L'Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer


I would buy again. Works great to cover flaws .. I’m a senior and works great
“no-makeup” makeup days
I use this concealer on “no-makeup” makeup days by applying minimally in problem areas and then sheering it out all over my face with a soft blending brush. It evens out my skin tone and has a nice finish on my combination skin. The consistency is soft and smooth so it’s easy to sheer it out. I would say it gives medium coverage because of the consistency being on the softer side.
Cakey and non inclusive
L'Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Crayon Concealer is less than blendable. Maybe the one we received was old? Very thick and a light application just left a chalky cast. There was no inbetween. Also the darkest shade available in store has a beautiful espresso shade on the display but actual product is terracotta red. If we aren’t at Fentys level of inclusivity, then don’t bother participating. Affordable make up from a large company should have all shades in store.
Too thick
This product is way too thick to be a concealer. It does not blend out and it just looks cakey on the skin. Even more, it ruins your foundation, so don't apply it over anything.
Works well
It provides a good coverage, it can be a bit difficult to match to your skin tone.
Great concealing
Works very well in covering under eye bags and discolour
meilleur correcteur
Très bon pour couvrir les rougeurs autour de le nez ainsi les cernes ,bon qualité prix
Love it
Great coverage. Easy to use and to take off.
Concealer stick
Makeup is a big thing for me, so finding good makeup that works for me that also is easy to use? I was so surprised for how simple this was to use and how well it covered me skin in such an even tone!
Amazing value for your dollar
For an affordable concealer this one is hands down my favourite. It lasts all day and blends easily. I also find that it is not too oily. It’s thicker than other concealers but doesn’t feel too thick or heavy. I would recommend this product to anybody with an oily or sensitive skin type.
J'utilise ce correcteur depuis environ 6 ans et je changerai pas tant que ce produit sera disponible.Le produit tient bien,se range bien et a un prix efficace!
Great coverage!
I have been using this for years. Awesome coverage that lasts all day!
Not bad
I’ve definitely used better. This brand is usually a winner, hands down so I was somewhat disappointed is the finish of the product.
Bon produit
J aime bien ce produit pour cacher des imperfections et les cernes sous les yeux avant d'appliquer mom fond de teint. Il fonctionne très bien, plusieurs couleurs dispo pour s adaptwr à votre peau je le recommande
This is a super cheap product but it is very good. It applies really creamy and is very beautiful on the skin. The shade range is very nice too, a lot of product to chose from. My only complain is that it requires constant sharpening.

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