4.2 5 0 39 39 Lemon mousse flavor is so delicious, it combines a soft truffle-like texture with yummy, creamy, and citrusy flavors, it’s like dessert in a bar! Made with clean, natural, wholesome ingredients, 1g of sugar, and lots of good fats, this bar will leave you feeling satisfied and satiated. A great keto friendly snack option for those who like a fruity and creamy treat!
Love Good Fats Lemon Mousse Keto Bars
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Très bon
Il y a un bon goût du citron (moi qui adore le citron). Je ne suis pas keto mais ces barres sont bonne et pas pateuses...
I LOVE "Love good fats" Bars!!
This is a delicious flavor of love good fats bars, personally the oreo and mint ones are my top fave, but all of these bars taste divine, especially if eaten out of the freezer! Low sugar, makes them almost guilt free too! Highly recommend to everyone!
I love these lemon bars. They taste great and I dont feel horrible when I eat them.
Pretty Good!
For sugar free it's actually pretty good. It does have a bit of that sugar free after taste but it's much better than a lot of them!
Chalky and lacking flavour
These bars do not have a very great texture they are almost chalky. Although they have a flavour it is very minimal and I wouldn’t purchase again.
Tasty Snack
I love the creamy lemony taste that has no after taste. I love the truffle-like texture that satisfies my sweet tooth. I fills me up & curbs my appetite. I always look forward to new flavours.
These bars have a pretty nice flavour to them, so they’re nice to snack on. I didn’t love the texture as much but it’s also not supposed to be a candy bar. I’d recommend if you’re on keto and looking for an easy snack on the go!
Lemon bars
These are ok. There are other bars that I enjoy better. I would probably buy again if push came to shove.
Love the flavor and texture. Doesn’t have an aftertaste.
Bursting with lemon
I was lucky enough to try this product before it was released and I have to say it's full of lemon flavour! It curbs any cravings you may have. I love this new product and pretty much all of the good fat product's
Very powdery
I purchased this looking for a new kind of protein bar to try. I thought the keto idea would be awesome and it would taste really good but I was wrong. This doesnt taste bad but the texture is not pleasant. As soon as you take it a bit it crumbles in your mouth and turn into a powdery substance. Not something I expected based on the picture.
Super filling and doesn't taste too bad - great if you're trying to follow a low carb diet!
So yum!
Great texture, great subtle flavour, and great macros for a keto diets, and for those cutting carbs more generally. A delicious alternative to the usual flavours and no aftertaste.
absolutely love these i’ve tried all the good fats bars and this is by far my favourite so light tasting not too lemony haha it’s perfect
It was okay
I tried the Lemon flavoured bars as part of a product testing opportunity. I enjoyed the lemon taste of the bar, but the texture was very dry. It stuck to the inside of my mouth and I definitely needed a drink with it. I love the fact that it's a healthier option, but I'm not sure I can get past the texture.

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