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Use this all the time to keep my hands clean and disenfected
Another wonderful product from this maker tough on what I needed taken off my hands I would recommend it to all my friends
love this product,great for in the bathroom by sink and kitchen just to remind people to use it.
I have tried this product and love it. It lathers quite well but not too much. It doesn't dry out my hands. I would like to see a large refill however instead of having to buy a whole new unit when it runs out.
Lysol products is the brand i use in my home. Love this product.
I like this soap. I love citrus-scented soaps, and this one doesn't have that strong scent that some have (some make me feel like I'm about to wash my hands with orange-scented Mr. Clean). Does a great job and I feel good about my family using this.
we use this product all the time. but when a nurse came to our home to change the dressing for my husband. she said she wish more people use this product. that made me feel I'm doing the right thing for my family
Super bon et sent très bon..... j'aime bien cette odeur la....merci
great cleaner for you hands .has a light scent not to overpowering .
I keep this by my kitchen sink for the million or so times I wash my hands in a day. It does not have a strong perfume scent that a lot of hand washes have. The scent is crisp and citrus and not over whelming. It cleans well and gets rid of the cooking odors on my hands.
It is a great product and not too drying, So convenient and very pleasant smell!
Another great product here, really gets the grease off my hands and any other mess I get into, and the beautiful scent makes me happy
Good cleaner, is not harsh on your hands either and smells good!
I love it, No soap scum left behind and very handy goes much further than a bar of soap and more hygenic
The brand power team sent me this grapefruit scented Lysol hand soap to try and I love it. Its works just as great as the other Lysol hand soaps. It also doesn't dry your hands, but this one has that nice fresh scent to it. Thank you Brand Power.

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