4.5 5 0 63 63 A peanut free organic snack that contains the nutrients in one full serving of vegetables from six different sources, made from whole grains and are non–GMO verified.
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I enjoy the bars much better & these are expensive
Meh...ya, I found the hype to have died off real quick with this product. The granola balls are small and so they dry out very quickly (no need for the re-sealable bag, cause it doesn't work). I enjoy the flavour of choc, banana and granola but find the bars to have more of a gooey texture compared to the balls and I wish they were able to master that same texture with the balls. My biggest complaint, is that these are super super super expensive in store and so I cannot afford to buy them.
Great guilt free snack
These make for a great snack that is delicious but doesn't make you feel bad. I'm not someone who cares about organic foods but I really loved these! A great treat to brighten your day.
These little balls are the tastiest balls! They are made with ingredients we know, the company is trustworthy and the other flavours are amazing as well! If you need snack, please please try Made Goid products, they are perfect!!!
Great school snack
These are great for school snacks. They taste great and are a healthier alternative to other granola snacks.
A Great Snack!
A great/easy snack that tastes really good. They are a bit expensive, but you are paying for good ingredients.
Portable bite sized goodness
A tasty allergy friendly snack that doesn’t leave you feeling you are missing out.
These are so good. I like how it is bite size. I would buy it again.
These are amazing! Any Made good product is delicious and I adore these, great for a quick snack as well.
Wow! Telement delicieux! Dispendieux mais super bon au gout, pas trop dure, tendre et parfait pour tout les occasions!
Great to pack for hikes or emergency purse snacks. I enjoy most of their other flavors are well.
This is a very good new product that is great for little ones to snack on. A perfect snack either at home or on the go.
These Made Good minis, as well as Made Good bars, are a favourite snack for my kids. They take them to school several times a week. They love the taste. I love that they are natural, healthy, and have added hidden veggies.
The minis are very good - have tried a couple of flavours. A yummy and healthy snack on the go.
I tried this on WestJet. I was quite surprised in how good it was. A healthy and quick snack. I will be buying it when I see them in the store.
I used them for snacks for my kids when they go to school and since not many know about this product my kids have become popular by sharing this tasty product with their fellow student and my wife loves to snack on them after her workout

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