4.5 5 0 76 76 A peanut free organic snack that contains the nutrients in one full serving of vegetables from six different sources, made from whole grains and are non–GMO verified.
Made Good Organic Chocolate Banana Granola Minis
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Healthy and Tasty
These are great light snacks that are super tasty. It’s hard to not eat the whole package at once
Healthy snack
I really like Made good products and daily one item of made good my daughter takes in her lunch box to school. Its nut free and My daughter is very picky but i am glad she like these as these are healthy too. My toddler too enjoy these and its easy for her to eat as they are bite sized.
Yummy banana
These snack balls are delicious. They have a strong natural banana flavour that taste great. I was shocked with how much myself and my family enjoyed these healthy little snacks. Great for taking hiking or on outdoor adventures.
The chocolate banana combo is really good. Like I jus love these but they r very pricy, so I only get them as a treat.
Love these!!
Great allergy free granola that I can feel safe giving to my peanut-allergy child. I like that it’s available as tiny bites so it’s easy for my toddler to eat, and it has less sugar than some other brands.
These are the perfect little healthy snack. They travel well so were great to bring along on summer hikes. The flavour was so tasty and truly resembled real banana and chocolate flavours.
Made oh-so GOOD!
These are so yummy! I really enjoy the Made Good brand and the other flavours they provide. They are healthy and are a great treat. Made Good is peanut free, so it's safe to bring to daycare, school, work, etc.
My fave!
The best morning snack. It is my go to and I always have made good products stocked in my household!
Great snack option
this is a great snack option that is gluten free and tastes really good. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a yummy gluten free snack! It's one of my daily go-to's for my long work days.
Not horrible
Very dry, couldn't taste the chocolate or banana, all I tasted was a mixture of the vegetables and some of the minis had something chewy which didn't taste good. There's a weird taste to these mini granola balls. Also there's like maybe six balls in a pouch.
So Yummy
These were chewy and delicious; I was thoroughly impressed with the taste of them. The portion size is great for a light snack on the go. I only with that they had more flavour varieties...maybe even something more savoury?
Great taste
These taste good and I really enjoyed them. Not overly sweet just very tasty!
love these!
these are so yummy and are the perfect snack becasue they are sweet (but not overly sweet) and have great ingredients!
I enjoy the bars much better & these are expensive
Meh...ya, I found the hype to have died off real quick with this product. The granola balls are small and so they dry out very quickly (no need for the re-sealable bag, cause it doesn't work). I enjoy the flavour of choc, banana and granola but find the bars to have more of a gooey texture compared to the balls and I wish they were able to master that same texture with the balls. My biggest complaint, is that these are super super super expensive in store and so I cannot afford to buy them.
Great guilt free snack
These make for a great snack that is delicious but doesn't make you feel bad. I'm not someone who cares about organic foods but I really loved these! A great treat to brighten your day.

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