4.4 5 0 31 31 A peanut free organic snack that contains the nutrients in one full serving of vegetables from six different sources, made from whole grains and are non–GMO verified.
Made Good Organic Chocolate Banana Granola Minis
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I'm moving around a lot more these days so I'm seeking alternatives to the typical three meal day
Bananas and granola are some of my favourites , these minis sound delicious , would really enjoy testing these .
In work in a school so am always in need of nut free snacks. I would love to try these are hear good things from the kida
i have not tried this product would love a free sample to try it sounds very good.
This sounds good, but it also sounds like it would be too dry. I would love to try it and I think it would be a great snack for the whole family.
I have not tried these but anything with chocolate and banana i love. Cant wait to try these.
I have not seen ir heard of this product but it sound very delicious and more healthy then other snacks I muse look for these at Loblwas.
I see many of the others hear seem to like this, but it just doesn't sound all that great to me. I guess I'll have to give it a try for myself.
this looks interesting and the fact there is vegetable inside would be worth trying them
I would love to try this product.We have two teenage boys that aren't allowed to bring anything containing nuts to school,so that would be awesome
I would love to try Made Good product as look very good .
I have not tried this product but I'm completely intrigued. It looks amazing and doesn't seem to be loaded with sugar.
I would really like to try a sample of this?! They look so good
I have not tried this yet but would like to try it,looks like it is healthy for you and that's what om into now,I haven't see it in stores yet,looking foward to it.
I have not heard of Made Good Organic Chocolate Banana Granola Minis, I think this would be something my kids would enjoy!

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