5 5 0 4 4 Made with Belgian Chocolate
Magnum Chocolate Infinity
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Decadent and delicious
Creamy, super chocolaty and flavourful. Magnum products are the best and never dissapoint. Only wish they sold 4 in a box instead of 3. Worth the buy if you want a good chocolate flavour and a delicious treat.
The king of ice cream bars
Magnums are the king of ice cream bars. They reign supreme above all others and no where does that prove correct more than in this specific bar. The layers upon layers of chocolate bring the consumer into their own world for the short period of time that your mouth experiences this incredible treat
I used to live in Europe so I have been eating Magnum bars for a long time. They are delicious and this one is no exception. I only wish the cost were lower because the price is too high for such few items.
I haven't tried this one, or any of the other Magnum ice cream bars. They look really good, but I just can't justify spending that much money on three to four ice cream bars.

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