3.8 5 0 74 74 8am meeting? Boost your coffee with 1.5x more caffeine. MAX Boost is made with no artificial ingredients for that same delicious taste and quality you expect from a great brew.
Maxwell House MAX Boost Coffee
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I like strong coffee but this did not taste good at all. Very barky.. it was a great extra boost but I didn't even finish one cup. This product was not for me. I would notvreccomend
max maxwell house
i enjoyed it very much will buy again, the extra kick was good in the morning
Gave it away
We bought the coffee, but decided to give it away since the taste was too strong and dark for us.
Maxwell Max
Normally drink Maxwell House coffee. This product certainly has the extra boost to get you going in the morning. I use it in the Keurig which allows me to choose different strength levels. Will be buying it regularly from now on.
Strong coffee!
Exactly what you need to get going on a sleepy rainy day. Extra caffeine powers you through the morning to get going!
Coffee with a punch
I like the taste of the coffee.. it is a little bitter but not too bad..it is a great coffee if you need a little more of a caffeine punch to get you going or too keep you going through out the day... would definitely buy again
Cup of WOW
I love the taste of bold flavoured coffee and this one is just that and a much punch of caffeine. One cup is all I needed in the morning and I always have two. Great cup of coffee for first thing to get you going.
Good Coffee
A bit bitter but ok. Wasn't too strong. Got the job done.
Bon produit
J'adore un café corsé et Max est très bon mais pas assez corsé à mon goût. Il est très bon si on le mélange avec un autre produit corsé et qui fait un mélange maison qui est bon à mon goût personnel.
Très bon produit
J'ai trouvé ce café Max très bon, Habituellement j'aime un café corsé et ce Max Maxwell est très bon. Je fais habituellement un mélange maison et j'ai été surprise du bon goût de café.
Little strong and slightly bitter but ok tasting overall
This coffee is ok..didn't find it had much more of a caffeine boost than other coffees...
Breakfast would not be the same without our coffee and this coffee stands the test! I felt a boost of energy after drinking one cup (as opposed to my normal two) and I think I have found my new go to morning drink.
Maxwell house
I'm not a heavy coffee drinker I usually only have one in the morning so it made me a bit jittery but otherwise tastes great.
Jai aimé
Malgré quil a un gout plus corsé je les trouver tres bon.

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