4 5 0 52 52 Maxwell House's medium roast house blend in single serve cups that work with Keurig K-cup brewing systems.
Maxwell House Single Serve Cups
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This is a weaker coffee
This is a Weaker coffee flavour. If you enjoy a rich coffee taste this is not for you. If you are drinking coffee to be social and fit in, this is the kind you want it’s not going to keep you awake. But
Pretty decent cup of coffee!
I received this product as a trial (3 pods) and they made for a decent cup of coffee. I typically like my coffee stronger so i wouldnt particularly buy the house blend in the future but it is a consistent cup of coffee!
Maxwell House
Great coffee. Enjoy it very much. Great flavour either black or with cream and sugar. Will buy again.
great flavor
this coffee will not disappoint its flavor is wonderful and very enjoyable taste
Coffee pods
I love the coffee. It tastes great and is perfect any time of the day.
Weak Taste
I didn't like this coffee on its own at all. If I'm making something like a Mocha, its better. Maybe because the chocolate compensates for the weak coffee
great coffee
I like this coffee . I think its good . I would recommend this to my family and friends
Perfect for a moring coffee without no stress. Nice taste, nice color and smeel good
Great Product
My husband loved the coffee from Maxwell's House in the k-Cups. He liked not having to scoop and measure every time he wanted a cup of coffee.
great coffee every time
Tried two types of maxwell house coffee pods... Breakfast blend and house blend....love them both! Smooth and tasty every time.
Tastes to remember
A taste to wake you up each morning. It makes your day each morning.
Great donut shop taste. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase these at the right price point.
this product is actually pretty good, i dont usually like coffee that you make at home but if i do this is the only product i do use
Love maxwell house coffee so glad they have it for my keurig machine only coffee I will drink.
i enjoy the odds plus the instant. It is all we have at work

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