4 5 0 52 52 Maxwell House's medium roast house blend in single serve cups that work with Keurig K-cup brewing systems.
Maxwell House Single Serve Cups
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this has such a great aroma when its getting made and when i'm drinking it. I love this type/blend and would suggest to anyone who loves a great cup of coffee
i love the morning when you can just make one cup quickly
I have tried this it is nice if you just want one cup or more no waste of coffee that may be left over
i love the morning when you can just make one cup quickly
I love this coffee, it is my main brand. I love the smooth taste and I tend to use less creamer than in other brands.
This is a fantastic coffee. I love the rich, smooth flavour. It is easy to make and the taste is consistent every time I make it. I will continue buying this coffee. It is reasonably priced for the great quality.
My husband loves the decaf version of this coffee. We always keep it on hand.
OMG finally in a K cup, I love it. Great flavor, just like I remember the perked coffee
great tasting coffee . unfortunate that Maxwell house feels the need to put a plastic cover on the plastic pod. excess packaging at its finest.
I have tried this product and agree it is very good, but the only thing is it's a waste of to place the pod into another pod, think of our enviroment
I found this to be a nice well rounded cup of coffee, not bitter, not weak. It's my usual coffee.
I found this coffee bitter and strong and didn't really like it
We drink Maxwell House coffee all the time! All the varieties are good.. Original, House, French Vanilla, Dark, and Decaf! Can usually find them at a decent price, too!
I use this product all the time. The kureg is convenient to use. I have been drinking maxwell house coffee for many years. It is a full bodied roast coffee
I use the decaf version and cannot tell the difference. Great tasting coffee.

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