4 5 0 52 52 Maxwell House's medium roast house blend in single serve cups that work with Keurig K-cup brewing systems.
Maxwell House Single Serve Cups
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I loved Maxwell house for my regular coffee maker and was excited to see that they now make Kcups. I like that they have a recyclable outer plastic, it helps to reduce waste. I love opening the lid and getting that fresh coffee smell every time!!
I have a keurig and tried mawell house house blend and just loved it
This is one of our regular coffees in our household.
good coffee but way too much packaging! fills up garbage very quickly
Really great coffee for a brewer and not just as great for a K cup
I am a dedicated coffee drinker , I found this blend by Maxwell House not pleasing very week and I would not recommend it.
I have purchased this product a few times, I prefer these style K cups as well as there is less plastic and the outer packaging can be recycled. This is a great tasting coffee. A+
The taste of the Maxwell house in pod form is even better than the instane coffee. Rich fragrent taste makes my day seem better. Price is sometimes high but you get what you pay for. I would recomend this to everyone.
Have tried the decaf ones, good but a little expensive.. Will purchase again.
Maxwell house at its best. The best of coffee choices.
Great flavourful. .could be little stronger though. Little pricey also
We buy this for our machine ..Maxwell was the coffee we would drink at nour son's hockey games..We would make a Thermos full and sit and enjoy the game with our favorite coffee. Great coffee
Great product for that one quick cup on the run in the morning... Tastes fresh and smells great
I usually have this as a main staple in my home. 3 out of 5 daily coffees are Maxwell.
I have tried this and I do like the flavor; its not too strong. The only thing I'm not a fan of is there is too much packaging for each individual k-cup.

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