4 5 0 52 52 Maxwell House's medium roast house blend in single serve cups that work with Keurig K-cup brewing systems.
Maxwell House Single Serve Cups
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A coworker brought these to the office for use to try. I am not a coffee connoisseur, so it has to be pretty bad for me not to like it. These do the job for me just fine. Tastes like coffee and is quick and easy.
I love the taste of this product. The single serve are the best but are not compatible with the Keurig brewers. Would be nice if they did. Being Keurig "compatible" isn't the same as the new brewers read the Keurig name on the lids in order to work.
I was happy to see that I could actually purchase my regular brand of coffee to use in my Keurig 2.0. As this machine will only accept Keurig ringed pods, it is difficult to get the less expensive brands. The flavour was great and needless to say I will be buying them again.
We received a sample and tried it. We were not fans of the coffee itself. We found it bitter and strong tasting.
My favorite coffee. I love that I can get it in single serve pods.
Maxwell house single cups ensure a fresh, great tasting cup of coffee every time. I usually don't like this brand because I find it tastes stale quickly, but with single servings the problem is solved. Although it won't replace my regular brand I will use it occasionally. The price is slightly cheaper than most single serve coffees
I found this brand of coffee strong with a bitter aftertaste.

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