Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio® Brow Tint Pen

4 5 0 118 118 Achieve perfect natural brows with our smudge proof, long-lasting eyebrow tint pen.
Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio® Brow Tint Pen


burnt off my eyebrow hair?
i loved this product until after using it a few times i noticed noticebly dry patches on my eyebrows, which than followed with all my eyebrow hair falling out..
Terrible product
I bought this for my daughter. The applicator brush is horrible. You literally can not put on eyeliner properly. It leaves this thick, multiple line smudge on your eyes.
Just no
This has got to be one of the worst eyebrow pen. There is nothing you can do to make the application look remotely natural. The applicator is this and just awful. Epic fail. If you are looking for a microblading look, don't buy this.
Great for on the go
I have this at home in my make up box and i have one on the go in the car it's easy to put on and it stays on all day and i love how full and healthy my eyebrows look after having my kids i started to lose my eyebrow here and my natural hair as well and this makes my eyebrows look much healthier i like put a little bit on my hair in front cover up my balding spot as well So I guess it's a two in one you can call it
Even great for beginners
Not gonna lie, I’m usually a disaster at doing my brows! This stuff is easy to use and I like how it looks like little hairs instead of heavily drawn on brows.
Too much work
I think this might work if you just want to fill in your already thick brows but doesn’t work very good for sparse brows in my case that is. I think if you made the tips way smaller and the colours more of a realistic hair colour it might work.
Yes its perfectly okay for me. long lasting and true to color
A reliable drugstore product
I really like this brow products as it provides high-quality results that are long lasting. It is an affordable and accessible option for all and provides equivalent results as more expensive brands out there. It is easy to use as well. Overall a great buy!
Professionals needed
This eyebrow pen is not for beginners or even the most competent in make up application, its very hard to perfect the technique needed to get eyebrows that look natural I tried it and failed horribly multiple times not worth the frustration
Hard to make it look natural
I had a hard time making my brows look natural. If I were able to make one eye brow looks good, I had a hard time doing the same for the other brow. It stays on really well, so it is hard to wipe away if you make any mistakes.
Micro blading without the pain!
LOVE this eyebrow pencil! The tip makes it look like micro blading, without the pain of getting micro blading done. My only problem is that I wish the colours were more saturated, I find all of them on the lighter side.
Microblading Without the High Price
Such an innovative product that gives a microbladed look. It took me some time to get the hang of using it and applying it properly but I loved the look when I did. My only complaint is that it smudged easier than I would have liked.
Its ok!
I accidentally picked this one up instead of the pencil. It was easy to use but i prefer the pencil its more pigmented.
Brow tattoo marker
I love this brow utensil. I recently got my eyebrows microbladed without positive results. I naturally have very limited brows which are even lighter in colour than my natural hair. With this I was able to fill in the bare patches where the microblading (temporary tattoo) didn't stay on my brow, giving my eyebrows the initial look that I was going for. Also it's a good alternative to getting miroblading if you are not sure about it as it has the same effect.
Was worth a shot
I recently ran out of my anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder and decided to try something new. While this product is easy to use, they don’t offer a wide variety of colours and I felt like it looked very unnatural. I would personally stick to powders.

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