3.5 5 0 45 45 Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara features a double curved lifting brush that is designed to grab lashes at the root and lift for an instant lash lift look with dramatic length and volume. This fibre-infused formula is claimed to thicken and extend lashes with wear that lasts all day, resisting clumps, smears and flakes. Ophthalmologist-tested, the product is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, and retails in a 9.6ml pack, in the shades: 201 Very Black; and 200 Blackest Black. Also available in the range is Waterproof Lash Lift Mascara that is available in the shades: 202 Very Black; and 203 Brownish Black.
Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Mascara
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Wouldn’t seek out to purchase again
Found the tube ‘dried up’ quicker than most drug store mascaras; lasted about 1.5 months using nearly daily. Fine option if on sale from regular price. Just OK though.
Really wanted to love it but...
Had heard great things about this mascara but found it a little clumpy. It does layer if you want thicker lashes, it lasted all day on me, and came off easily with micellar water.
Not Good
I was very excited about the new mascara. But this one is hopeless, eyelashes stick terribly and it does not extend at all.
Mabelline Falsies Mascara
This mascara gave great coverage, length and volume. I always buy waterproof and found this one to be reasonably easy to remove. I do find that it gets clumpy quick.
Its okay
Its okay. The brush makes it easy to quickly coat all my lashes. Its not that good for long wearing, as it did flake on my eyes, which was annoying. I'm not sure if I would recommend it - I wasn't overly happy with it.
Not to bad
It's not to bad. Its not clumpy but it also doesn't give you full lashes.
I love this stuff!!
I bought it on a whim standing in the line at London drug's and I'm so glad I did. It really makes my eyes pop, and eyelashes grow alot! Definitely a favorite of mine. Love it!!
I expected more from this product.Maybelline usually has great mascaras compared to any other drugstore brand.I wasn’t impressed;not any different than any other mascara for me.
I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it though.
Maybe it just depends on your eye lashes, but I wasn’t blown away. The wand is exactly the brush type I like and that usually works well with my lashes but I found personally that the mascara didn’t layer nicely, it dried quickly which is nice sometimes but wasn’t in this case because when I tried to layer it or fix a section it clumped up a bit to much. Good for the price I guess, but not my favourite product.
Ok so I was so excited to try this and I was kinda disappointed. I'll stick to my regular kind of mascara.
It was just ok
It was extremely clumpy, and hard to remove. My eyes kept watering with a burning feeling. It also did not lengthen my lashes instead just made them stick together.
Not a fan
I found this mascara made my eyes irritated & itchy, it clumped up, made my eyelashes hard & brittle & it didn’t last very long after application. I wouldn’t recommend this one.
Falls lash look
I like the effect it gives my lashes, makes them look thick and ling. The only thing I think could improve is the brush. It doesn’t get to the edges well. The shape and contour could use some improvement.
It definitely gives my lashes length but I do find it is a little clumpy which is no good. It’s not overly noticeable but I’m picky when it comes to mascara. I do like it and would recommend it but I do I have to put a bit more work to make sure there is no clumps
Good Mascara
Love this mascara it gives length and a bold look to tour lashes. Would buy again

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