3.1 5 0 25 25 Up to 70% longer lashes in one step. Very black, waterproof.
Maybelline Ultimate Length Mascara
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I remember this one!!
Ohhh memories! I used this mascara for years! It has a great brush and does not clump, which are my two biggest concerns with mascaras. It is also very dark leaving my lashes looking fuller too.
Favorite Mascara
This is my absolute favourite mascara, and have been using it for years. I have very long lashes naturally, and this is the only formula i've found that lengthens and separates all of my lashes individually. and looks fresh all day. This never dries out on me in the bottle, and I can use this for months without buying a new one!
Decent mascara
Overall mascara is decent, works pretty well for a drug store brand however the same brand and others make other products better than this. I find the mascara a little flaky, love the wand , lengthens and lifts
Not great
I didnt find this mascara helped my lashes. It didnt clump but my lashes didnt curl either. I did not notice much of a difference in the length either.
Didn’t make my lashes very long or great looking. Better than wearing no mascara, but not by too much
This did not do much for my naturally straight lashes. The curls did not hold up despite the waterproof formula. The mascara was a little lengthening, but not the best.
I love this and only use this kind now. It make my lashes to much longer and darker. It barely clumps or makes my lashes stick together!
It was one of the first mascaras I have ever tried. The formula is alright the volume and length is quite average. The brush itself was nice especially near the tip where I could get to my tinier lashes. The length wasn't that amazing but not too bad!
Great product although my lashes are naturally long so not the right formula for me
I tried it and liked it. It wasn't too heavy or clumpy.
I dont wear mascara much, but I did love this mascara! It stayed on all day..had to use makeup remover to wash off..( good thing) and the color is really black! It also made my short lashes look longer
I really liked the way this mascara went on and stayed on. There was smooth application and it stayed put all day.
Finding mascara that adds length is hard for my Asian lashes but once I borrowed this from my cousin I had to pick one up for myself. It added length and thickness and they looked like falsies on me. I approve.
I have tried this product .I must be honest ..it doesn't measure up to most Maybelline products , however ,the waterproofing works great I just find that the wand itself doesn't do what I thought it would, I am a little disappointed and for the price , I can't say I would buy this again or recommend it to anyone in the future..
Yes,I have tried Maybelline Ultimate Length Mascara,and I must say that I am very pleased with it,when I put it on,it doesn't matt my eyelashes together or it doesn't clump like some eye Mascaras do.I have tried different other brand names in Mascara and I always end up buying Maybelline.When I put it on,my eyelashes feels so thick and long .I love the way they look and feel.Sometimes when I want a very dramatic look,Ijust put on a second coat.No curl or matted eyelashes just long and Black eyelashed.I just love it and recommend this Maybelline Ultimate Length Mascara.

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