4.2 5 0 79 79 First they're sour. Then they're sweet.
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Awesome candy!
Love these candies sour then sweet.Once i open tthe bag i have to finish
Loved these!!!
Me and my boyfriend absoutely love these. Not to chewy so your chewing for days lol just the right amount of chew and the taste is amazing! I would love more flavors! But overall very impressed.
Lack flavor
I love most all sour candies, and I love mango however, I did not find much of a mango flavor. I will not purchase this flavor again.
Sweet and sour Yummy
My go to sour treat use to be Maynard’s Fuzzy Peach or Sour Patch Kids. But since the Mango flavour has come on the market I would prefer this over the other flavours. The only problem is they are so good that they are often sold out.
maynard candy
First they aren't sour.. they do have a nice flavor, but not what I was expecting. Kids loved them. Reminded me more of the peaches.
not the best, but okay
These we're not as good as expected. I would buy the other maynards candies before re-purchasing this kind.
A Mango Lovers New Favorite
These are amazing! If you are a mango lover, I would definitely recommend. I was shocked by how authentic the mango flavor was! They are also the perfect balance of sour and sweet. I would buy them again for sure!
It’s good but not my favourite. I would recommend but won’t buy it for myself again
too sweet
The sour is only on the outside. Once the coating is gone you are left with a sickenly sweet candy. Make the WHOLE candy sour. If someone is buying a sour candy is it because they like sour products. So make this a completely sour candy, ALL the way thru!
These are so good, you definitely eat more than you realize! I bought these because I love sour patch kids so I thought I would give these a try....honestly, I didn't think I would like them as much as sour patch kids but I do! I love the mango flavour, it is such a different flavour than anything I have tasted in candy and I really like it!
Hummm des bonbins
Goûte juste assez mes enfants les adores. Et en redemande.
I love most of Maynard’s products and these are no exception. A great new flavour.
Great !
These are really delicious ? I have eaten them as a snack while on the road or in class and it does the job. Just the right amount of sweet and a fruity mango taste
Sour Patch
Did not like it. It was way too sour for my taste. Don't like sour candy, but I do like sour lemonade because it's not sweet.
Fav candy all time
The Family loves getting these at the drive in movies.

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