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They are ok, nothing special. Good to have on hand at times if your in a hurry.
These were ok , I prefer to do my own but would buy again with a good coupon , otherwise I think they are too expensive.
These were really good, it helped give our dinner a nice addition.
I buy these often, but I never add the entire seasoning pouch. I did once, and it seemed to be too much, and my husband agreed...now I only use half, and we love them!
These were the worst potatoes I have ever tried.They were mushy, not well seasoned and even my husband, who will eat anything, didn`t like them.
I haven't tried these before they're probably so good I would like to try them about them
Will be looking for these to add to our anytime meals.
if these are like the other ones with potatoes,veggies,mushrooms I will be sure to try it when I see them.
haven`t seen these in my stores or their always sold out, wanna try.
I prefer to season my own potatoes and vegetables so I am undecided on if I will try these or not.
I tried one of them, can`t remember which one, it had mushrooms in it. It was pretty good for a side dish. I`d get it again when it`s on sale.
This would be fast and easy, but I like to make mine fresh, so I won`t be buying this.
McCain`s Harvest Splendor is a quick and easy side dish.It`s OK, The convenience is the real selling point of this product.
they were good, easy and quick. but just like any frozen foods, the veggies tend to be on the soggy side.you can use as little or as much seasoning as you wish... i always go full flavour!the potatoes tend to stick very easily!!!
I cant say that me or my family was a fan of these. I wont be buying these again.

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