4.6 5 0 5 5 Extra Crispy with Sea Salt 0 Trans Fat COATED FRIED POTATOES
McCain™ Lattice Cut Spicy
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Love the seasoning on these fries, no dipping sauce required as they taste good all by themselves. I also avoid the deep fryer and bake them instead. Will buy these again!
Yum yum yum
My husband loves these so I buy them all the time. I bake them in the oven and they taste amazingly good and crispy! Just love it!
Yummy taste
Potatoes have a nice spicy seasoning - nice flavour , just the right amount of kick / easy to make
lattice spicy fries
I love the shape and how they cook so crispy. the spice is a bit uneven in the pieces. A good change from regular fries.
really great
Tastes sooo good. Love the shape. I eat with vegan mayo. Will buy again for sure. Healthy and filling.

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