4.7 5 0 33 33 Your hair and skin are left dry from the effects of the environment and an active lifestyle.
Men Expert Total Clean 3-In-1 Shampoo
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Pratique et efficace
Je n'ai même plus besoin d'acheter plusieurs produits pour mes douches. Ce produit sent bon, est frais et n'assèche pas la peau. Même chose pour mes cheveux et ceux de mes fils. C'est en plus un bon rapport qualité-prix. C'est sur que j'en rachèterai et je le recommande.
Excellent product
I have two teenage sons. They love this product. Head to toe clean in one bottle. Having a 3 in 1 leaves keeps my shower free from extra bottles of product. Smells great, very convenient!
My husband likes it
This is one of the 3 main body/hair washes I buy for my husband when it’s on sale. He likes it finds it cleans well and leaves him feeling clean but not dry. The price point is about average. So I would recommend.
Must have
This a great all in one product for men. One product does it all. Leaves him feeling clean and fresh.
Nice all in one
This is a good all in one option rather than having multiple products..
i love the smell of this stuff. my husband's been using it for some time now and he likes it too
His favourite!
I put this in my hubby’s sock at Christmas and he likes it. He says it makes his hair feel fuller and soft.
Great Product
My husband uses this and absolutely loves it! It leaves him feeling clean and smelling great!
Unlike some women, some men like to reach for one bottle in the shower, not 2 or 3 bottles. 3in1 has it all.
My husband is very happy with the 3 in 1. It smells great and he also cant get enough of it.
Testé par mon mari, déjà l'odeur est top, sensation de cheveux propres, doux je recommande et en achèterai encore pour mon mari !!
Great product!
I like that I can use 1 product for my whole body and feel clean and refreshed for the day!
J'ai acheté ce produit pour moi et mon fils , et nous avons aimé l'odeur et aucun problème de peau.
Not to sweet smelling!
I bought a bottle when it was on sell for my husband.I love it because it isn't 'overly sweet' .He likes it because it doesn't dry his skin and scalp!
Great for the husband, kids and boyfriend!
Very good product love the smell of it, my husband uses it and I love it! Definitely would recommend to my family and friends!

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