Mentholatum No Mess Natural Menthol Rub

3.8 5 0 74 74 Mentholatum® No-mess vaporizing rub is an easy and mess-free way to apply vaporizing rub that provides extra strength cough relief.
Mentholatum No Mess Natural Menthol Rub


I tried this and was pleasantly surprised. It wasnt greasy and it really did make my hip feel better. Arthritis sucks but this makes it manageable and its reasonably priced and easy to find in stores
Awesome product.. When have you used a product that was a menthol rub... That was No Mess! It works well (even on my children) and is really a no mess product... You don't get it all over your hands.. Clothing or children!! Definetly recommend Mentholatum No Mess Natural Rub.
I Have been a mentholatum rub all my life i love this stuff better then anything else . Now i see they got the no mess roll this is awesome. I don't have to wash my hands just roll it on awesome this product helps me breathe better great for chest congestion and more I am really happy with this product thanks.
Personnellement J'ai achetée ce produit et pour ma part je trouve l'odeur trop forte. Je ne dis pas que le produit ne fonctionne pas car il est très efficace. Mais l'odeur est trop prononcé que je perd la voix.
I haven't tried this product would love to sample it. Looks like this could be a good product.
Would love to be selected to try this product as well havnt tried yet
I have used products like Ben Gay to help deal with joint pain, all with some level of help. If I could find this product I think it would make a great addition to my arsenol of products used to relieve pain.
I would love to try something like this when I have a cold. Always looking for something new to try on me and the family.
Je suis très intéressé par ce produit j'aimerais bien l'essayer !
J'aimerais tester ce produit, prise avec arthrose peut-être que le Baume au menthol naturel Mentholatum sans gâchis, pourrait aider diminué la douleur.
Je ne connais pas se genre de produits Jaimerais lessayer 👍
J'aimerai l'essayer 😁
Please send me the product for use and will provide you with my honest review on this page. thanks.
I have never tried this product before. but I do love giving myself a rub down with Menthol rubs to make my cold go away and help with my congestion. Thank you in advance for the sample
I have not tried this yet but definitely would buy it especially in the winter

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