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Mini Babybel
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Delicious snack
You can never go wrong with cheese, especially babybel cheese. It’s so soft and easy to eat on the go. They come in quire a few flavours. It’s a little pricey but I highly recommend this to anyone who loves cheese.
Always a delicious snack!
You can never go wrong with babybel - always delicious, easy (and fun) to eat, and just the perfect amount of cheese for a little snack. great product and great quality.
My favorite snack!
I LOVE the Swiss Babybel cheese, my favorite little snack! There is just something about the unwrapping of the plastic and that little wheel of wax to get to the treasure of cheese inside!
Always delicious!
I remember loving these so much as a child. Later on in life, I loved offering them to my kids as a snack when they were little. The whole process of unwrapping them and peeling the wax is just fun! Now that my kids are a bit bigger, I'm happy that they still love Babybel because I sure do! These cheeses are my favourite at room temperature, as cheese is the best when served this way. Yummmm.
Great snack option
My son loves these and I try to keep them stocked as and when there is a sale.
I buy Mini Babybel often and I like the variety of flavours. A few days ago I tried the Gouda and it was delicious without being overpowering. Smooth texture, convenient and with its own protective waxy covering, it is a hit in our household.
These Mini BabyBel are always a quick and convenient snack, and terrific in a lunch box. I do, however, look for them on sale, as they are quite expensive!
Goûter santé
J'aime beaucoup les minis Babybel car ils sont bons au goût, pratiques et facile en emporter partout grâce à leur emballage. Bonne source d'éléments santé. J'aime bien la saveur Gouda aussi.
These are tasty, convenient and they are a great snack. I would buy these again.
I use these as healthy snacks for my kids. They love it and they are fun to eat.
Received a coupon towards $1.50 off this product. I found them on sale for $2.99 and used my coupon. I purchased the gouda flavour. My 12 year old son loves them as a quick snack and in his lunch! Will likely purchase again when on sale.
excellent healthy snack...I like the light ones at 50 calories!
These are very delicious like the other babybel products. The only negative thing I can say is that it leaves an aftertaste in your mouth.
Have always liked babybel products. This one is also yummy
These were delicious! I`ve always loved babybel, and the wax coating especially is nice too

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