4.3 5 0 11 11 Minute Maid® Light Orange Juice Beverage is made with the goodness of Minute Maid® but with 50% fewer calories than our regular orange Juice and still provides an excellent source of Vitamin C. The goodness of Minute Maid®, now in a delicious Light version. Also available in a Light Lemonade flavour.
Minute Maid® Light Orange Juice
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Refreshing for whole family
Great taste and usually reasonably priced or on sale as a senior tired of drinking tea this is refreshing and the size is easy to pick up and place back in fridge.
A treat after workout
I love this product. Especially since I avoid extra calories this makes a perfect refreshing drink after workout or in the evening.
I watch my sugar intact careful and found this a good treat.
This juice is tasting great. I love the orange flavour and it does not contain lot of sugar which is nice for the kids.
I love Minute Maid juice it is so refreshing and it is a nice drink on a hot summer day.
Not bad but not as good as the original. Would rather cut my calories from somewhere other than my OJ!
I like this product. It still tastes as good as the original. Try it the next time you need O.J.
The minute maid orange juice literally tastes fresh and just squeezed , it doesnt have a artificial flavour. Very refreshing and tastes delicious. I always have a carton and when I get sick,has a ton of vitamin C and this is my go to.
I love this brand. The taste not have too much sugar and is not that liquid like other juices. And is lower in calories.
Minute Maid is my favorite brand of orange juice, the light version is one I enjoy as well. Its not too sweet
Love the taste not too much sugar and is not that liquid like other juices. And is lower in calories.
I would love to try this orange juice . I will check if we have it at the grocery store this week. Thank you.

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