4.5 5 0 111 111 Applewood smoked BBQ kettle cooked potato chips. Not artificial colors or flavours.
Miss Vickies Applewood Smoked BBq
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I always order these with my subway sandwich. They are sweet and alittle smoky.. similar to a mesquite barbeque but not strong. Just have to go and try them
Oh Miss's V
My favourite kind of chips. Great flavour , fresh, and crunchy. I get them for a treat every so often. Great for the whole family. Different from regular potatoes chips too. But so much better . You should definitely go get some.
I like this brand of chips and this flavouring. The chips are think and crunchy and the smokey flavoring just perfect. I don't buy chips often but when I do this is my go-to brand.
Sweet, smoky and crunchy!
I love Miss Vickie's for there satisfying and addictive crunch and excellent flavours and this one is no exception. These have a delectable sweet and smoky flavour that amps up the classic BBQ taste.
Miss Vickie's can't go wrong
These newer flavours are great. Perfect balance of a bit of sweet and sour and smoked. Of course the massive crunch from the brand standard is something I love. Always recommend this brand and this flavour.
I could eat the whole bag at once!! Crunchy and tasty!
Why aren't all bbq chips applesmoked?
I love these chips! Bbq with a flair and the delightful crunch that only Miss Vicki's can provide. I love the flavour profile of these babies! I buy them regularly and occasionally, I even share!
Great flavor and texture
Great chips! Love the flavor and texture. It's Smokey and tangy at the same time. It's nice and crunchy and perfect as a side or as a snack. Would recommend this if you like kettle chips.
These chips have such an amazing unique flavour, was absolutely impressed by them. Plus the signature Miss Vickies crunch.. Highly recommend !
Not their best
For the most part I like Miss Vickie's chips. They are not overly greasy and have a nice crunch. The chip itself is fine, but I was not fussy about the flavour. If you like smoked items this is for you, just not for me.
Never thought I’d be addicted to a potato chip. These are amazing!
Miss Vickies
Not too sure about this flavour, but i really enjoy Miss Vickies chips.
Crunchy, every chip was full of flavour! Never a bad bag!
Great new flavour to add to an awesome line of Chips! My go too snack food now!
Awesome BBQ flavour! Great crunchy chip and I love that there are no artificial flavours or colors. Definitely a favorite in our house now!

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