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Mott’s Fruitsations Rolls – Strawberry Fruit Flavoured Snacks
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my children and i all enjoy these yummy treats, great flavour and healthier than 80% of alternative snack choices. these are a great on the go and an easy in the lunchbox kinda snack.
Our girls love gummy snacks and we love the easy little packages for quick grab and on the go snacks! Our girl thought these ones were really chewy though and stuck to their teeth so they didnt enjoy them as much.
These are a hit in our home
The kids love these fruit rolls and it's no wonder they taste amazing. Tried them myself and love how tasty they are. I also love that they use fruit puree with no artificial flavours or color. When my kids see Motts fruit rolls we have to buy them.
Kids love these
Mott's fruitsations are a hit in my house. My 3 kids love the tasty flavor of them. This is our go to for fruit snacks.
Tasty & Sweet
This product tastes just like it's other snacks; just in a different form. My 2 year old enjoys eating this, however, she has a hard time to complete eating this. She will actually eat more if it is in the individual gummy forms. This just a fun way to eat the snack. Perception wise, seems there is less product in this than packaged in the other formats. I do find them a bit sweet though and wish there was less sugar in them. This product also reminds me of a competitors brand.
Super bon au goût mais
J'aime bien ce produit, il est super bon au goût par contre je trouve que ce n'est pas très bon pour la santé. Ce produit doit être utilisé comme une friandise et non une collation de tout les jours pour nos enfants.
Kids love them and even the big kids at heart. Great flavor and texture. Nice option for busy parents who have that sweet tooth, wide variety of places to buy.
Mott's fruit rolls
My kids are picky, my daughter loved them and my son who is as picky as they come enjoyed them too!
grandkids love them
l always have these around for the grandkids. my kids don't like them have to much sweets so these are perfect
Love this product
My daughter loved them an is very picky. I would recommend if you have not tryed. Make sure you do. It a winner in our home. Hope they come out with new flavors. Im going to yell my family an friends to try them
My toddler goes bananas for these!
super yummy, makes my toddler very happy! She loves being able to have a good, yummy snack that I dont feel guilty about giving her
Good treat
Being diabetic, I was surprised the sugar content serving was below what I was allowed. I only have one per day, but given its length, I break it up into several pieces to consume during the day. The flavour is great. Can't tell between artificial and natural, so that's as far as I go, but it doesn't taste sugary. This product also regularly goes on sale.
These are good. Kids ate them and did not complain so they get my vote!
Soft and Fruity
My daughters thought these were really good! Lots of fruit flavor and not as sticky as the other brand. They tasted pretty close to real fruit. These are a good addition to the kids lunch once in a while.
really great
Tastes great. Nieces and nephew love these too. Good price.

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