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Mott`s Fruitsations® + Veggies
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Innovative Applesauce
I love applesauce and didn't realize there was so much you could do with it. Adding veggies was the right touch. My son loves taking these to school. Even my partner liked them and he doesn't like applesauce. There are different flavours to try out too. Definitely will purchase again!
great snack
I enjoyed trying Mott's Fruitsensantios with Fibre. It tasted very yummy and it is great as a snack on the go or as dessert. Would love to try more flavours. I will also try it in baking recipes. #gotitfree #tryitout
I bought these for my 4 sons for their lunches. They thought they were okay but weren`t overly impressed with them. Not something I will purchase on a regular basis.
These are great! You can`t even tell there are veggies in it.. shh ;)
My daughter loves these. Has a half one with every breakfast!
My son loves these...a bit high in sugar, but it gets an extra serving of fruits/veggies into his body without the hassle.
These are so tasty and the fact that you get a full serving of fruits and veggies.. so good! And great way to get it into my kids!
my Children love these and knowing there`s some hidden veggies in there is great !!!
love it easy way to get your veggies in u or your kids
My 5 year old loves them. Not too sweet. Great in the lunch bag.
I have tried these and they are really good. My kids love them. I buy them for school lunches BUT find my one son trying to sneak one after school.I will always buy these.
my daughters do not eat vegetables this is awesome cause they love it and they cannot taste the vegetable in it
I buy these for my daughter for her daycare lunch. She enjoys them, I especially love how they have a large selection that do not have sugar added.
I buy these for my sons all the time. Great substitute for baby food applesauce too. These are much better value and I think they are better variety of tastes. I get the unsweetened ones all the time. Make sure to read the label as there are ones that have added sugar too!
These are a great product. The kids love them and they don`t even realize Veggies are in there. Mott`s can always be trusted for quality and a great product. Try theses you won`t be disappointed. :)

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