4.4 5 0 275 275 80 calories per 22g pouch. Gluten free. 4 delicious flavours.
Mott's Fruitsations + Veggie Assorted Fruit, Fruit Flavoured Snacks
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Tastey and the added veggies makes it seem healthy enough!
I really enjoyed this product! My children liked them too! I love that I can sneak the extra veggies into their diet and all they taste is the sweet fruit. My grandson enjoys them too as a little treat when he visits.
Tastes great
These taste great! No trace of veggies at all so if you didn’t know you could never tell! I did find them very sticky but me and my kids really enjoyed them!
Good & good for you
These are awesome little snacks you can toss in your purse or your kids lunch can and just go. They're awesome little snacks that are good for you and they taste good as well. they're a little pricey but they go on sale most of the time at no frills
Love these
Great gummies! Soft texture so it's great for younger kids. Good flavour too.
ohhh!!! snacks that are healthy for my kids.. wait.. nope, never mind. this product to the average person may seem healthy and yes taste delightful for a healthy snack but really if you look into the ingredients they are not healthy at all. some of the first ingredients are sugar and corn syrup which is not good for kids at all.
Great snack!
This snack is great for on-the-go! Especially great for kids lunches and even for university students. Quick and easily accessible, a little pricy but convenient. Tastes great, and addictive because they are so delicious
Kid approved
Are you a tired parent and looking for even 5 seconds of peace and quiet? Well look no further, these are the perfect "shut up and sit down" snacks. (No, I would never actually say that to my children, but I'm allowed to think it, no? hahaha). Now I know gummy snacks are not the best option in terms of nutritional value but this brand is probably one of the better options when you have gummy goblins like I do. And they're not just gummy goblins... They are picky gummy goblins, so to find a gummy that isn't a completely horrible nutritional option and has a kid approved taste can be a challenge, but these guys pass the test, 15/10 would buy again !
Healthy snack alternative
Good tasting, I don't really love gummies (sticking to the teeth) but I regularly buy these for their taste.
Yummy Gummy
I don't usually like gummies, but a friend of mine gave me some of these. Though I yet to find a gummy that I can stand the texture of, the taste of these gummies is worth the buy. Yummie Gummie. Though in terms of nutritional value, they are really getting there with the carrot. I have never seen a carrot flavored gummy before. However, gummies will never replace the fruit/veggie.
Great treat for the kids
My children love them. Excellent treat for the whole family.
These are so good and it is easy to forget that they are healthy! Love these gummies a lot and they are perfect for school/work snacks. Do recommend these as they are so good.
Good but....
Tastes great! But I don’t feel it’s a real veggie alternative. It’s still a gummy afterall!
A good product
Very flavourfull good soft texture small portion could stand to be bigger
these go in my son's lunch bag almost every day, great for trips and when you need a little treat yourself

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