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Mott's Fruitsations + Veggies
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Typical Motts candy
The candies taste the same as all other Mott's candy. They push the veggies, but really there is no health benefit to the candy and I am unsure as to why people give children these candies for lunches. Don't be fooled by the branding, they are 100% candy and have no health benefit to children. Overall, the candies taste fine, but the marketing is very misleading.
Great for lunches
My grand kids love these. You can put them in lunches and know they are getting some fruit. No spoons needed
these are great for picky eaters, we put them in the lunch bag everyday
My kids love this brand! Great for a school snack and easy to just pick up anf go!
I found this product's processing and packaging just adds more burden on our need to reduce greenhouse emissions. Fresh fruits and veggies work great for us.
My son is a very picky eater, but loves these and takes one in his lunch almost every day!
I have not tried this brand but my daughter likes the chewable kind.
These are so good I love the texture of them very tasty use them whenever I have a low blood sugar and they work very quickly the fact is has vegetable in it is a added bonus.Have tried all the different flavours and they are all really good.
I put these in my sons lunch at school and all the kids want to try them. They are great for picky eaters! They are fun for the kids and great for on the go snacks.
I have tried a couple different kinds of the Mott's Fruitsations and Veggies products and my son just loves them as they're perfect for his lunch. If he doesn't eat it all there is a lid to put on it and then it's not all over his lunch pail when he gets home
They make a great mid-afternoon snack. I've started carrying them with me when I go shopping for the extra burst of energy.
petite collation sur le pouce. on ne goûte pas le gout de la carotte, c'est vraiment bon hihi
Ma fille adore ce produit. C'est vraiment pratique pour les collations presser ou à l'extérieur de la maison!
assez bon ; bonne alternative pour ceux qui, comme moi, ne mangent pas toujours de fruits et légumes! facile a emporter aussi donc on aime!
I received a sample and found as adults they are a very healthy snack for us on trips and between meals when we are away from the house. A convenient size and really delicious.

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