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Mr. Christie`s Snak Paks Fruit Krisps
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These are a convenient and healthy snack. I would buy them again.
J'ai déjà essayé ce produit et me suit cassé une dent. Donc non merci pour moi.
vraiment bon et pas seulement pour les enfants car j`en consomme regulièrement. Très bonne collation
My kids did like these cookies great for a snack
I bought these for my granddaughter who is 2 1/2 she didn`t like them and they were very messy, fell apart in her hand all over my carpet.
I like them, although the fruity bits can get stuck in your teeth. All 4 of my kids don`t care for them.
I find these dry and not very tasty. My kids won`t eat them.
we love these in our home!! my son loves when he opens his lunch box at school and sees them in there. And they often go on sale at our local grocery store so it`s win win! everyone is happy.
These are convenient and perfect for kids! Lots of flavor in a little cookie and the right amount of crunch !
These are a great snack for the lunch box. The kids love them!
i have got mr. christie`s snake paks fruit for my kids and they where not likeing them one bit so i guess i will not be buying them again my kids have spoken lol
For some reason when I first saw them I thought they were going to suck. My parents bought I couple of boxes of them and I was able to try them. They are actually really good! the baked fruit mixes and tastes really good with the cracker part. We continued to buy more boxes :) I defiantly recommend, especially if you have kids that take packed lunches to school.
les 6 enfants a la maison en rafole et moi aussi tres bonne collations
really great kids snacks. love to see snack that are made from real ingredients.
Very sweet but tasty. Combination between cookie and cracker. Even the kids like it.

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