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Love this
Great product! Makes your home smell amazing! The cleaning water smells great while you are doing your work it’s kind of a win win! Things smell fresh as you work and when you’re done!
Best. Cleaner. Ever!
Guaranteed awesome clean and smell... and priced well!
One of my favourite products!
I use this to clean my floors, bathrooms and kitchen. I absolutely love it! It leaves my house clean and smelling so fresh! I love the febreeze smell. I am a big fan of the Mr. Clean products and this one does not disappoint!!
Mr clean
Smells wonderful cleans up all messes quick and effective
Smells amazing
I have tried many Mr clean products but this is my personal favorite the after smell is just amazing and also a great multipurpose cleaner totally going to buy this again it’s not avalible in all stores but if u see it I reccomend u buy it and try it for urself
Love it
This is my absolute favorite Mr Clean product! The smell is amazing and it cleans my house so well!!!
Mr Clean with Fabreeze
Love this product scent. Has become my all time favourite multi cleaner. !!!
Fresh and clean!
Smells excellent and leaves a nice smelling behind!
Trusted Brand + Amazing Scent
I love Mr. Clean, been a go-to for my whole family for years now. I never thought the original formula smelled BAD by any means but the improvement in scent with the Febreeze Formula is instantly recognizable and frankly it’s hard to go back to the original after lol. But the product effectiveness is every hit as consistent and high quality as it ever was. I guess the only side-note I would Out our there would be people with sensitivities to certain scents should definitely do a “test sniff” before purchasing as they could potentially find it strong enough to irritate their nose out of the bottle. I love the febreeze ‘add-in’ and highly recommend this variety of the product.
Clean scent
I now purchase Mr. Clean with the Febreze because it clean exceptionally good and it leave a clean smell and it is not an overpowering scent.
Cleans Well
I’m am mixed on my review of this product,as I love the febreze scents this comes in,and it does clean well.Only thing I don’t like,is when I clean my floors with it,I have to do a fresh water rinse on it,otherwise my floors look dingy or cloudy I guess you could say.
Best Smelling
I use the Mr Clean products for my laminate floors. It does a great job of cleaning and leaves a fresh smell that I love
Great Product
Works awesome, smells great and awesome value for your money. I would recommend this to anyone!
Use for Almost every Cleaning Task
Love this Mr.Clean Liquid with Febreze, I change the sent everytime I buy new bottle, I use this for almost ALL my cleaning tasks, including cleaning Black Stainless Steel Fridge inside and out, Floors, Doors, I just put into spray bottle and clean! Love the clean smells too.
This product is very effective. I look forward to buying this again.

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