Mucinex Chest Congestion Guaifenesin

4.7 5 0 32 32 When you’re sick, mucus can be a master of mayhem. But chest congestion† relief is just a dose away — with Mucinex immediate and extended-release bi-layer tablets that start to release fast and last for 12 hours*. A cough medicine that makes coughs more productive by loosening phlegm in the chest, providing fast-acting relief for chest congestion and excess mucus due to the common cold
Mucinex Chest Congestion Guaifenesin


Life Saver
I tried this product after struggling with brutal sinus congestion for over two weeks. It worked like a charm I was back on my feet that afternoon and was able to get through my whole day easily! Would 100% recommend
I have chronic bronchitis
It works like a charm! I suffer from bronchitis and these truly help my cough. I like how they are safely packed and have a daily calendar to keep up to date with your medications.
It works!
I had a some pretty heavy chest congestion from a cold and was recommended by a pharmacist to take Mucinex. Wow did it ever work! I would have never believed it had I not tried it!
Mucinex works
When I'm congested and need relief that works. Mucinex is my go to, my fix it right the first time. I love this product, my family uses it. I also use Mucinex children's products.
When you ABSOLUTELY can't bed sick, this product is amazing! Works well at suppressing the worst symptoms of cough and congestion. Sleep easy with this, you'll be able to breathe!
Mucinex works
I started taking Mucinex a few years ago when I caught a cold and it was gone within 3 days and I was still able to function while taking them. If I feel any little tickle in my throat or chest Mucinex is my go to product.
Works wonders
I get congested all the time, allergies, chest colds, all of it, so I've always had decongestants for that but they made my sinuses feel over dried and sore. This helps knock out the congestion without overdoing it. I will always keep these on hand!
Only product that worked for me
I was sick for 28 days in the winter a couple years back. My boyfriend bought this for me as I couldn't breathe or drink with all the mucus. This was, and I stress, THE ONLY PRPDUCT that helped soothe my cough and mucus accumulation.
Wet cough solution
Whenever I have a wet cough and cannot shake it fast enough, I reach for this. It helps remove everything gross from my chest and helps me heal up. I’d definitely recommend it and have zero side effects.
Most excellent
I purchased this item for my wife and it worked amazing for her. Usually she gets side effects from medication like this but she did not from this product. 5 stars
Amazing stuff
Tried this last cold I had and it cleared my mucus up! And made it easier for me to breath would definitely recommend!
mucinex works good
I took this when i had a cold and it really works good. Breathing was much easier!
Work very well!
Really cleared up my mucus, it helped a lot. Will defiantly be buying this product again.
Unsure if works
I have a bad case of mucus, tried this but unsure if it helps. It’s been over a month and I am still dealing with mucus. It might be less but not completely gone.
Worked well
I liked how this product helped me with my congestion and allowed me to have a full night sleep

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