4 5 0 47 47 It’s a good thing fruit aren’t claustrophobic, because we jam-pack 22 red, ripe strawberries into every lip-smacking, nutrient-loaded bottle and still find room to squeeze in 1 1/3 bananas.
Naked® Strawberry Banana Smoothie
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The right amount of goodness in a bottle
This comes to my rescue on those mornings when I'm too lazy to make my own smoothie. I grab for this and run out the door. It lasts me for a while and doesn't make me crave for a coffee.
Good but full of sugar!
I really enjoyed it, it is so good, very tasty. What I do not like about it is that even when they have NO SUGAR ADDED they actually have lots of sugar, natural maybe, but still way too much. Not as healthy as they want you to believe they are.
This is a delightful beverage. I really like the taste of it and I definitely think it is healthy.
love love love the Naked brand. Some really great flavour choices. I also like the texture.
I usually only drink water, but gave this a try not to long ago. I love the strawberry banana flavours, they mix well together.
These are awesome! I rarely drink anything but water, but i enjoyed very much!
OMG this is the best tasting drink I have tasted in a very long time. I would consider this to be my choice of Breakfast Smoothie. One taste and I know you will agree.
My daughter really liked it, and they have actually handed out a different flavour once at the school Play/Sports Day.
These Naked drinks are the best and I usually have one a morning which I pick up at Starbucks. The strawberry banana flavour is great yet it is only my second favourite. My absolute favourite is the green machine.
I have had almost all different flavours of Naked Smoothie. They are all very tasty but the good old Strawberry banana is my favourite!
I have never seen this product or name brand but would like to try it.
I haven`t tried these but would love too.
I haven`t tried this yet, but am looking forward to seeing how this smoothie tastes.
This is my favourite flavour...really yummy mixed with orange juice too :)
love that its made with fruit. love love to try.

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