4.7 5 0 316 316 A high-quality butter simply prepared, using only two ingredients: cream and sea salt.
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Yummy butter
This is the only butter I will buy. You can get at Costco but have bought it at local grocery stores on sale. Never disappointed. Definitely a fan.
Good product
What you expect - good product. A few cons though - first, the butter gets too hard when it's in this solid block so it is not easily spreadable on toast. Also, hard to store once it is opened.
Great for baking
Love using this butter! Especially love it since it's Canadian. It has a buttery flavor and enhances my baked goods. It even has measuring lines for convenience. Would recommend buying this to support local companies!
Good price
I get this brand whenever I go to Costco! The price point is great! Like 2.50$ And it tastes just as good as any other butter in my opinion. I would for sure recommend! Unless you can find one for a better price!
Tastes great
Natrel Salted butter tastes great. I really like the quality of the butter.
Très bien
Celui que j'achète.. bon goût.. pas trop salé... bon prix je l'achète au Costco
Best Butter
This is the only butter that I will buy. I only use butter in my baking and cooking and nothing else comes close to Natural. It is smooth, has a great taste and makes my baking delicious. I have compared other butters and nothing can compete. I will drive to another store to buy Natrel instead of buying another brand.
Simply how it should be
Natrel is as basic as butter can be, and that is just how i like it. Look at the ingredients and there aren't any additives or colors. And the butter stands up for itself, perfect in baking and on toast!
Best Butter
We buy this at Costco and it is our favourite butter. So good on toast with honey! We use it for cooking and baking and are happy with the taste.
très bon
bon gout et fond bien dans la poêle et texture idéale
I never really notice any difference between flavors of different brands of butter. Buy Natrel the most as this is what my grocery store sells for the best price. Always buy the sea salt and love it. #margarineisfake
Love butter
This butter is rich and creamy. My whole family loves it
Good butter
It is a good quality butter and is certainly better than no-name butters out there. Texture was good (as some cheap ones don’t slice but just almost shred from poor quality cream). So, something I get when I see it on sale.
Comme tout autre produit Natrel, le produit est bon et de qualité.
Great Butter
Taste is great. Blends easily and is not overly salty. Too bad it is expensive. Buy it only on sale.

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