4.7 5 0 23 23 Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon Flavour Magnesium Supplement Gummies promote healthy magnesium levels and are described as a relaxing magnesium supplement that is better-tasting, better-absorbing, best-loved Natural Calm magnesium in a delicious, chewable gummy. The vegan cruelty-free product is free from gluten, dairy, egg, soy, wheat, preservatives and artificial flavour and contains less than 1g of total sugar and only 1.5g of carbohydrates per gummy. It retails in a BPA-free 300g pack of 120 gummies. The manufacturer states to donate profits to Organics4Orphans.org.
Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon Flavour Magnesium Supplement Gummies
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very tasty
I tried these - I was impressed--well worth buying
They seem to help my anxiety
These are great tasting. Not too sweet and they can to work, so far. Easy to take than the drink.
Best gummies out there!
I love gummies so much and these taste amazing. I take them whenever I feel anxious or stressed out and they work! I also love that they are vegan so it's accessible to everyone.
the product is good and it does work would recommend my friends to try
Love taking it in the evening. It helps to relax me and helps me sleep.
Best on the market!
These are the best magnesium supplements on the planet! They taste great and they really work. Plus as a bonus these gummies are easy and fun to give to kids. They are excited to take their vitamins. The company is also sustainable and supports many charities.
Love magnesium
Love this product. Tastes great and works! Not all supplements do.
Very calming
it was my first time trying it out. When i drank it the first time, I actually felt very calm feelings in my entire body and it gave a very relaxing and good sleep. It’s very easy to prepare and the Natural Berry Flavour was excellent! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants the relaxing feelings especially on stressful days.
I loved all there products it tastes delicious and yummy has very good effect works really well
Just what I needed in my life
This helps me stay regular and settle my stomach. I have always had issues with my stomach but when I take this it seems to get things going in the right directions. It taste amazing so it’s something I never forget to take.
They taste good and are not chalky. The gummies are convenient to have. Works really good.
Surprisingly tasty
While I haven’t been using it long enough to say how much it may help, I can say that it seemed to soothe some of my late night restlessness and helped me get to sleep. Also wasn’t bad for flavour. Needed Cold water added but Tatar’s pretty good honestly
My naturopath suggested taking this after I was struggling with staying asleep during the night. They are a delicious, easy way to take a bedtime supplement! They taste great, and work amazingly! I even noticed a reduction in my frequent headaches and body aches too!
Extremely satisfied
I rely on this product and also the powdered option. It is a nice before bed routine, that within minutes helps me relax, feel comfortable and get a good sleep. I recommend for anyone who has trouble falling asleep. Great for leg aches too!
These are so tasty and work amazing. I recieved a sample pack and it was lovely . Works well. Very surprised at how well it works. I have recommended them to many . They even work great on my son who has autism, adhd and anxiety. Very impressed with the calm gummies . Even the calm teas are nice .

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